Vaping: A Viable Alternative to Tobacco?

by Kevin Smith Author

In the past few years, the popularity of what is known as the "e-cigarette" has increased dramatically. Many individuals have seen these devices in public places as the trend has grown. Though they are becoming more visible in society, there is still a great deal of confusion surrounding their background, use and potential dangers. This article seeks to clear up some of the confusion and will discuss what vaping is, how it differs from smoking, it's costs to the consumer and potential health risks.

Vaping refers to an aerosol Vapor that is used in the electronic device known as an e-cigarette. This practice is commonly referred to as vaping by the general public and its users. It was first invented in 2003 by a pharmacist from China and was first sold on the market in the year 2004. The e-cigarette was marketed has an alternative to tobacco use and encouraged potential users to quit smoking and thus be healthier and save more money.

When it comes to the liquid that is used in E-Cigarettes, a majority of the related chemicals present in tobacco smoke were absent. The chemicals that were detected fell below 1% of the levels found within tobacco smoke. It is generally thought that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco use but because of the relative newness with which they have been invented, some of the effects have yet to be determined. Preliminary studies indicate that, at this point in time, the use of vaping has been determined to be safer and the use of tobacco. As time goes on, we will likely discover potential risks for vaping. For now, feel free to visit that vape shop in Providence, RI, Orlando, FL, Los Angeles, CA or anywhere that you can, as it is currently thought to be a low-cost and healthier alternative to smoking.

One of the primary concerns with the use of tobacco, apart from the health concerns, is that smokers tend to spend a large amount of money per year on their habit. Vaping was presented as a low-cost alternative to the use of tobacco and the numbers seemingly hold up. On average, vaping has been reported to cost anywhere from $375 to $5,000 per year. These costs were compared to that of smokers, and those who smoke a pack a day would spend between $2,000 to $5,000 per year. When it comes to rough percentages, it is said that vaping has been reported to be around 40% cheaper than tobacco use each year. This savings would equate to $2,500 per year for those choosing e-cigarettes over the use of tobacco products.

Vaping will likely increase in popularity in the coming years, and more technology and variety will become incorporated into the marketing blend being used by the companies selling these devices and liquids. As the habits of those who are vaping are analyzed, there will be an emphasis on the health of these individuals as well as the cost for their habit. For the time being, individuals are invited to visit the vape shop in Providence, RI, Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, and all over the United States, as vaping is currently proving to be a great alternative to the use of tobacco.




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