Why Vape? A Healthier Alternative To Tobacco Smoking

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes continues to rise in popularity in this country and across the world. People from different places and lives enjoy vaping, NZ for their own reasons. For those of you who are wondering why people choose to vape here is a look at some of those most common reasons.

A healthier alternative to tobacco smoking

Vaping is a great way to successfully quit smoking. You get to mimic the act of smoking, use nicotine-containing vapour liquids to adjust how much they use and retail the social aspect of smoking too. There is no bad odour from cigarette smoke, no stained yellow fingers, no lung problems from the ash and tar. If you have tried to quit smoking before with other methods, either cold-turkey or using gum and patches and the like, and not had success, you might find vaping can help. When you vape, NZ you get a lot of the same sensations, it is easy to do and there is not a lot of maintenance involved.

As a form of therapy

There are also medical and health reasons some people choose to vape for. You can vape marijuana if you currently some that for health reasons. Some even say vaping is better than smoking it as you do not have that combustion taste having an impact on medical marijuana. It is used to treat a lot of conditions including chronic pain and migraines.

Some vaping enthusiasts love cloud chasing

In vaping NZ circles and in other countries too there is something called cloud chasing that some vaping enthusiasts really enjoy. This is basically a competition where they use modifications on their vaping gear such as low resistance coils and special liquids and see who can create the largest vapour plume! It can be a lot of fun whether you are competing or watching! It is something that developed after the invention of e-cigarettes and was never a planned thing until some people started messing around with it.

Joining the vaping community

Vaping for some is a part of their lifestyle and their community. They have people they talk to and vape with and there are items you can buy to express you are a part of that like hats, t-shirts and so on. You can check if there is anything active locally, ask at your local vaping store or go online.


These are some of the main reasons some people choose to vape and why they stay with it for so long. For people looking to quit smoking, this is one of the most successful methods. You can then decide whether to give up just nicotine by reducing it gradually and then stopping with nicotine liquids, and moving to other kinds or to give up vaping eventually too. That is up to you. Whatever your reason for vaping there are some interesting benefits so join the vape NZ community if you want to but just learn about the process beforehand so you educate yourself.



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