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Almost all the food services businesses required ice machines for different purposes. These machines are available in different styles and varieties where it becomes important to find the right one that suits your business needs. In this article, we give you complete information about Ice cube makers that help you find the right one.

Different types of Ice Makers

The commercial ice machines are divided into four basic varieties that include modular, undercounter , countertop, and combination ice machines.

•    Modular or Ice Machine Head

This type of ice maker is used for producing large amounts of ice and can be utilized with a separate unit for storing and dispensing the ice. Modular ice machines generally come in 22’’, 30’’ and 48’’ width of size especially to sit on the top of and supply ice for soda dispenser, ice machine bin, and ice dispenser. With this machine, you can produce ice around 250lb. per day to well over 1000lb. per day.

•    Undercounter Ice Machines

This is a small ice maker that comes with ice machine with a storage bin and easily fits under the area of 40’’ high counters. Undercounter ice machines are mostly used by small bars, restaurants, and cafes that have fewer amounts of ice needs. This machine can produce around 350lb per day however few high capacity models are also available in the market.

•    Countertop ice dispenser/makers

It’s a compact machine found in health care settings. They are used for producing nugget-style ice which can easily chew and perfect for hospital patients. Countertop ice dispensers/makers come with a small ice storage bin with a capacity of producing up to 400lb of ice per day.

•    Combination Ice/water machines

These units are an ideal option for offices, break rooms, health facilities, etc. and enable them to dispense both water and ice. Ice/water dispensing machines are used for producing nugget ice. They can produce up to 500lb ice per day and have a small footprint to fit that can be place on any countertop without consuming much space.

Types of Ice machine condensing Units

Once you decide the type of machine and ice you want, now you need to pay attention to choosing a machine condensing unit.

        Air cooled

This ice machine comes at a cost-effective price and does not include any additional water costs.  Even, most of its models can achieve energy star compliance. Air-cooled condensers required at least 6 clearances around the air intake and discharge areas but they are an ideal choice for most of the users.


This machine is capable of cooling itself by using water instead of air. A water-cooled ice machine is an ideal option than an air-cooled model in any of these following conditions:-

1.       It should be installed where the ambient air temperature is greater than 80 degrees Fahrenheit

2.       This machine can be installed in the area where the air contains high-level contaminants like grease

3.       It is installed in the place where there is no enough clearance for air-cooled machine

This machine has higher water consumption than an air-cooled ice machine. This is a reason many municipalities do not allow the use of water-cooled machines for businesses.


        Remote condenser ice machines

In these ice machines, the condenser is air-cooled but it is mounted in a separate location from the ice maker. Generally, it is placed outside on the roof and refrigerant lines between the condenser and the machine. One of the key benefits of using a remote ice machine is that it can remove the heat and noise of the condensing unit from the kitchen or service area.  This is a reason; the remote condensing ice machine is very quieter and cooler as compared to water or air-cooled counterparts.

You should know that the installation and maintenance of a remote condenser ice machine are very expensive as compared to other types. Therefore, operators choose remote condenser ice machines only when conditions are not suitable for the use of a cooled or water-cooled unit.

Things should be considered while installing Ice machine

        Space and ventilation

You should make sure that you have enough space to place the machine, bin, and filter.  A sufficient amount of airflow is also important to produce maximum ice therefore it is not recommended to install the ice machine in the storage room or closet. The well-placed ice machines can efficiently work and increase worker productivity but if you place it in a poor location then it will cost more labor and utilities

        Water supply and floor drain

The ice machine needs a continuous supply of cold water with a shutoff valve. It will require a floor drain also. You have to check with your local codes for specific drain type and placement requirements.

        Power supply

Many ice machines come with a cord and plug where you need to take electrician help to hardwire the machine. You need to understand machine power requirements because all machines will not operate on standard 110V electrical supply. You can find the electrical requirements and other special installation considerations on the machine’s specifications sheet.

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