Types of Commercial refrigerators use in the food and restaurant industry

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Commercial refrigeration units are the most important part of any business kitchen which store fresh stock of food. It has been found in different businesses like restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and hotels. Even, there are some industries which need the precise temperature to control environments or cold storage solutions for preserving goods. Businesses use commercial walk-in-freezer/cold rooms to ensure the long last of their stock to remain fresh. In this article, we talk about the difference between freezers rooms and cold rooms and other Commercial Refrigerators used in the hotel industry. 


Difference between freezer rooms and walk-in cold rooms


Both of them have similar appearances and layout that can confuse anyone to make a difference. While they look alike from outside but they offer different temperature range according to the refrigeration demand of the business. Generally, commercial walk-in cold rooms are operated on average temperature that ranges between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius and rests above the freezing point is work as a large refrigerator. On the other hand, walk-in freezers can operate at the lowest temperature of -40 degree Celsius and freeze everything inside. Walk-in freezers can damage some type of food items that are not suitable below the freezers temperatures. The products required to be used immediately without time of defrosting; the cold room is a perfect solution for it.


Commercial refrigerators use in the food and restaurant industry


This is one of the competitive industries. Restaurant owners understand the importance of the successful running of the food business and use the right set of refrigeration equipment. Commercial refrigerators and freezers are one of the key requirements for restaurants to provide an efficient and controlled environment to keep the food items fresh for a long time. 

Whether we talk about a bakery, catering business, or restaurant, they all need proper commercial refrigeration systems for the smooth running of a business. For example, in warehouse production businesses, they are required to store a large volume of food products and need large cold storage for it. These large cold rooms are also called walk-in cold rooms. Some of the common refrigerators used in the food and restaurant industry include:-


    Reach-in refrigerators and freezers


These units are ideal for back-of-the-house operations. They are available in solid and full-length and also in Dutch style double half doors. These units have multiple sections for storage and cubic feet used for measuring their capacity.


•   Walk-in refrigerators 


If you are running a large restaurant then you may need to store more items in bulk. These units provide multi-shelving options so that you can store the maximum amount of bulk or boxed items such as wines or juices. Some of them come with their floors whereas some need to be installed on the existing floors.


    Prep Tables 


Restaurants that serve pizza, salad, sandwiches as main staples in their menu, need cook line or prep areas in their commercial kitchens. They are required cold storage units to keep the ingredients cold and fresh and also need drawers to keep sauces, dip fresh. The prep tables come with a height of 36 inches and have worktables on the top for quick food prep.


    Under Bar Fridges 


These are functional units similar to upright storage fridges but shorter in size. They can be easily installed in a small space within the commercial kitchen and store a few ingredients. These units are the best suitable option for bars and clubs where blended drinks and cocktails are served constantly.


    Glass Door commercial fridges 


The display refrigerators are specially designed for displaying the merchandise. These are the best-selling units extensively used in grocery stores, restaurants, and bakeries that have take-out service.


When it comes to choosing commercial refrigerators and freezers for food and hotel business, you should always pay attention to the size of the unit. Because if you take an unnecessary large unit then it will leads to high electricity bill whereas with too small units you have to compromise with the quality food. Don’t try to use domestic refrigerators for commercial purposes because they are less reliable and weak for it as well as by doing this you will violate the safety codes that could close down your business.


Choose the best refrigeration units that work well with your business and help in its smooth running. If you are seeking an outstanding range of commercial refrigerators for your business then you can buy them through reliable online stores like HorecaTraders.

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