Ultimate Guide to Medicine Buddha Meditation

by Nitin Jain Copy Writer

For the past few decades, health and religion cater to the common know-how of human life. Every individual has their suffering, irrespective of it being physical or mental. People are in the process of mending their ways to remain fit for a longer duration. A regular visit to the physician surely assists in fine-tuning your health, but why not boost it up a little more? By combining both the external intake of prescribed medicine, along with medicine buddha meditation, you will heal faster, both internally and externally.

The entire practice revolves around the purification and removal of all the underlying karmic causes of various diseases while cultivating holistic well-being. The debate over this concept, in particular, is age-old and is continuing. Let us read through the importance and certain characteristic features of medicine buddha to get hold of a clear picture.

Characteristic of medicine buddha :

The medicine Buddha is well-known as the 'blue buddha', owing to his blue-hued body. He is also known as the 'lapis lazuli' light buddha holding the blue medicine bowl on his left hand, and healing mudra on his right. 

The Lord could get hold of this typical characteristic by transforming himself into a radiant blue colour while sitting in front of a large gathering. Furthermore, he could get hold of this transformation while discoursing the knowledge of medicine and its healing process.


The Meditating Buddha statue along with his 'mantra' or prayer caters for powerful and positive vibrations for the healing of body & mind. 

Where do you place the Medicine Buddha? 

The best place to keep the Medicine Buddha statue is at the altar facing the northeast direction. While placing the idol, make sure to position it at the eye level or higher, which would allow you to gaze and meditate comfortably.

Alternatively, you can also place a traditional painting, popularly known as the 'Tibetan thangkas' of the Medicine Buddha in front and start your meditations. While meditating, you should concentrate on the essence of the Medicine Buddha's mudras and the bowl full of healing nectar. 

How to Implement Medicine Buddha Meditation at home: 

1.) Initiate your meditation:

First, fix a quiet place for practising your meditation and sit in the right posture for meditating. Concentrate over Lord Buddha, his ‘Sangha’ and ‘Dharma’. Try to establish a connection between your body, soul and mind and initiate your meditation. 

2.) Request for the energetic presence of medicine buddha:

With eyes closed, start visualising his dark-blue body, holding a bowl full of healing-nectars on his left hand, and the medicinal plant on his right. By visualising the Medicine Buddha statue, you will be able to concentrate better.

Within no time,you will Initiate imagining by thinking of the blue-hued small dot, which eventually turns into the image of a Meditating Buddha statue. Try connecting your heart and soul with the Lord and invite him to guide you over the right path.

Lastly, try cultivating a constant feeling of you being in the presence of the supreme being with excellent healing power. The energetic presence will throw upon its guiding light, helping you have your way. 

3.) Pray for holistic well-being:

With the aid of thorough concentration, request the Medicine Buddha to take out all pain, sorrow, any physical and mental illness from your body, while restoring your health.

Start imagining the medicinal nectar flowing out from the bowl of Medicine Buddha statue along with the healing blue lights and connecting with your entire body. You can then ask these healing lights to flow over your body chakras.

Try balancing your body 'chakras' with an abundance of positive energy. Let this entire process flow steadily into your body, soul and mind. It will thus help in eliminating all suffering. 

The flow will be dominant with positive healing energy flowing in. Start your visualisation of Medicine Buddha with the recitation of 'mantra', for ten minutes, and gradually you can increase your time, once you familiarise with the same thoroughly. 

4.) Dedicate yourself 

Lastly, conclude your practice session by repeating the prayer and ask for his kindness and gratitude. While concluding, ensure to thank the Lord for helping them during various difficult faces of life and for providing them with enough strength, vitality to cope up with upcoming days ahead.


There is ample evidence showing the boost of self-confidence in practising meditation. While meditating and praying for the well-being of our entire body, soul and mind, concentrating over the meditating Buddha statue is crucial. It causes a 'placebo effect' helping in eliminating most of the sufferings while triggering its self-repairing mechanisms. 

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