Complete Guide on Ganesha Statue Placement at Home and Office

by Nitin Jain Copy Writer
Lord Ganesha, the God of Good luck, prosperity, and success, also known as Vighnaharta, is one of the most important Hindu Deities. He is considered to remove all obstacles of his devotees and is worshipped first of all before commencing any pooja/ceremony/new task. The Ganesha has deep symbolism, and placing a statue of the same at home or office is considered to be bringing happiness, prosperity, and good luck. Let's dive deeper into the various key points to be considered while placing a Ganesha statue at home/office.
People keep idols of Lord Ganesha at home/office with due deference, but many of them do not know the right placement for the same. To gather positivity and to remove all obstacles from your life,a Ganesh statue should be placed in the North-east corner (Ishan Corner) of the house. Alternatively, if one cannot find a vacant northeast corner at home, then they can also place Ganesha idol facing west or north direction. Lord Ganesha can also be placed just opposite to the main entrance of one's home. It is known as 'Drishti Ganesha', which bars all evil from entering your office /home. The best way is to place the Ganesha statue on a wooden table.

People get demented about the direction of the trunk of Ganesha statute. Preferably, the trunk of Ganesh idol should be in the right direction, which blesses the home/office with success & happiness. 

Ganesha idols with trunks facing the right should be worshipped in special rituals. Such idols are hard to be pleased, as the devotee had to follow practices rigorously. 

Only one Statute of Ganesha should be kept at the worshipping place / one room. Possessing more than two statutes to impede their energies & disappoint Riddhi-Siddhi (Ganesha's wives).


For home, Sitting Ganesh is the best, which is known as Lalitasana. (Sitting Ganesha brings good luck and success).If you desire luxury & wealth, then place Ganpati in a reclining pose. For the office, an idol of Standing Ganesh is the best. It brings energy and zeal to work.

There are other types of Ganesh idols for home/office:
WHITE COLOURED GANESHA: People seeking peace, happiness, wealth should consider placing White coloured Ganesha at home/office.
VERMILLION COLOURED GANESHA: People seeking self-growth and harmony should consider placing Vermillion Ganesha at their desk.
  • SILVER GANESHA – For bringing fame & publicity in one's life.
  • COPPER GANESHA – For those who desire successors.
  • BRASS GANESHA – For bringing happiness and prosperity.
  • WOOD GANESHA – For attaining good health, longevity and success.
  • CLAY GANESHA – For removing obstacles, attaining good health & success.
However, for pooja and other positive effects, the following idols are also placed :

To attract Good Luck & Positive Energies - Idols made up to Mango, Peepal & Neem trees.
To eradicate sorrow and attract good vibes - Idols made of cow dung.
To remove all Vastu Dosha - Crystal Statutes.
Highly auspicious - Turmeric idols.

Firstly you should devote a modak (Indian sweet) to Ganapati's Idol. It is indeed considered auspicious.

A small bowl of rice, placed in front of Ganesh murti is a great offering. Durva-dal (grass) should also be offered to Lord Ganesha.

A statute above the main door can also be a place for bringing prosperity into the home.

If placing a Ganesha in the Living room, place it in a respectful & clean place in any corner of direction (North-East).

If placing a Ganesh in the Dining room, the same may be done in the northeast, north or west corner of the dining room and given a respectful place.

Never place Lord Ganesha statue in Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Garage, Laundry Room, Kitchen, Underneath Staircase and on the floor. 

The statue should always be room facing and should never face toward the home exterior or window.

Never place Ganesh ji murti facing the south direction. Besides that, one should not keep leather goods near the Ganesha statue as it is perceived to bring poverty to the house.

Placing Lord Ganesha in the proper direction and at an appropriate place would pave the way for happiness, success and peace in one's life. Every time you see the Lord Ganesh's idol placed at your home/office, you shall be blessed with prosperity and fortune by the gods of Happiness & Success.

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