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by Nitin Jain Copy Writer

Siddhartha Gautam, now known as Lord Buddha, was born in a family ruling an Indian tribe known as Shakyas, at Lumbini in 563 BC on the full moon day of Visakha. He was an Indian religious, spiritual preacher and philosopher who founded the Buddhist religion known as ‘Buddhism’.  

While being in India & Nepal, he took to spiritual teachings for the enlightenment of humanity to help them come out of their grief and sufferings during the 6th century B.C. During his years of education; Buddha experimented with many theories in teachings. Still, he achieved divine knowledge while meditating during a night beneath a tree, which made him Buddha- a person with clear and clean vision. The art of meditation, practised by Buddha, is now adopted by humans all over the world. 


Buddha was born in a family of Kshatriyas ruling Shakya tribes. He was born under a sala tree in Lumbini while his mother was travelling from Kapilavastu to her parents home at Devadaha. His mother, Mahamaya, died seven days after giving birth to him. His father, Suddhodana & his stepmother took care of him and gave him a very protected and comfortable life.  

While as a child, Buddha used to go with his father to his fields and while sitting under a tree watching his father, he often felt into a state of meditation. Hence, to distract Buddha from all worries and to evade him from getting into meditation, his father built a special place for him, which had all the luxuries of life.

At the age of 16, Buddha married Yashodhara and had a son. But even after his settled married life, his quest for religious findings and his craving for meditation and search for truth did not decline. At the age of 29, Buddha moved out of his place to visit different other places. There he was subjected to the hardships and miseries being faced by the people around him. It made him sad.  

He had an urge to do something to reduce the worries of humankind and so, one day; he decided to leave his family and all worldly luxuries and move forward seeking solutions to various unanswered questions he had. Hereafter, during the next seven years, he got associated with various preachers at different places but could not please his thrust for achieving his goals. 

Finally, on one night, while being into deep meditation, he attained enlightenment and all answers to his questions. It turned out to be a great point of his life where he became the Buddha, and after that, he set out to follow his spiritual path and help the world get relieved of their sufferings.


Buddha, after achieving enlightenment & knowledge, decided to spread this message to the world so that the worries and miseries of mankind may be reduced. He then sat under a Bodhi tree and preached his first sermon wherein an explanation to the ‘Four Noble Trusts’ and ‘The Eightfold Path’ was explained.  

These explanations had a clear reference to the reasons for misery; ways to avoid the miseries; renewed cycle of birth; and to have right views, desires, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and meditation attainment. The theory of ‘Karma’ which states that good conduct brings good results and bad conduct brings bad results, and that results of the karmic acts are reaped both in the present life and in the life after rebirth.

These preachings ultimately became the mainstay of Buddhism. He further emphasised that one can attain happiness in life if the causes of miseries are eliminated. His theory of karma and rebirth were exceptional. He emphasised that to have a good life; there should not be any barrier of sex, race and class in a community. Buddha’s teachings were purely based on human sufferings, reasons and solutions to the human miseries. His teachings attracted a lot of followers who are estimated to be 350 million worldwide.Moreover,to have Buddha's continuous blessings,you should worship Gautam Buddha statue at your home with utmost devotion.


The teachings of Buddha, delivered in prehistoric times, are even relevant today. Buddhism today is followed all over the world. In the prevalent conditions, Buddhism has improvised with modern days. It has emphasised five major rules which one should follow, i.e. No killing, No Stealing, No Lying, No sex outside marriage and non-consuming of liquor. It is proving to be a miracle mantra in modern times. Those looking to transform their lives can buy buddha statue online and worship daily. By following his path, you would surely achieve happiness and contentment in life.


Buddha died at the age of 80, in 483 B.C at Kushinagar, India. While dying, Buddha emphasised on being one’s light rather than following a leader.Lord Buddha is one of the most revered personalities in world history, and his teachings have strong relevance in the present day. He is a symbol of patience, spirituality, peace, wisdom and generosity. 

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