Tyre tread parts and its uses

by Tom Haris Hillam Tyres

One component that makes it possible for us to drive through several distinct road conditions is the tyre. Our safety is greatly ensured by the tyres irrespective of whether we are stuck in the traffic or driving at a high speed. The most intriguing thing about the tyres is their design or in other words, the outer surface pattern which is quite evident. This design is referred to as the tread design. However, one question which crosses the mind of nearly every car owner is what purpose is served by these treads. The answer is fairly simple. These treads are the part of the tyre that is in direct contact with the road and provide the traction, the grip and the necessary control for the driver to control the vehicle. Let us explore its parts in detail.


Tread parts


The tread of tyres Huddersfield has several components that help the tread to achieve its function of control and traction. These are as follows:


•Sipes: These are narrow and small grooves. These are present on the edges of the tread pattern between the tread blocks. 

Uses: These are used for displacing the water swiftly beneath the tyre. This also helps in enhancing the stability of the vehicle when a person applies brakes on a wet surface.


•Tread block: These can be described as large pieces of rubber that appear to be coming out of the surface of the tyre. It would not be wrong to say that these are surfaces that come in contact with the road.

Uses: These are used for providing confident traction when the surfaces are dry. They can also be used for providing a better grip on the roads so that there is no hassle while braking.


•Grooves: These can be described as the channels that are running across the circumference of the tyre.

Uses: These grooves can be used for providing traction in two-way action tyres. Initially, they enable the block to move and flex. This helps the tyre in acquiring a strong grip on the road and evacuate water efficiently. It is one of the biggest reasons why tyres of specific climatic conditions like Michelin Tyres Huddersfield have a huge groove and sipe density.


Uses of tread pattern for seasons


When it rains, the amount of water on the road can lead to reduced traction while one applies brakes. To overcome this hazardous effect, the tyre manufacturing organization offers tyres with various types of tread designs that allow the water to escape. A similar scenario is for the winter season where the tread on the tyres helps in holding a firm grip on the road in snowy conditions. 




While applying brakes, we hope that our vehicle stops immediately. One must remember that this depends on the condition and design of the tread patterns. Thus while purchasing new tyres, the tread pattern must be taken into consideration and get the perfect pieces of advice from Hillam Tyres reputed centres.

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