How Important is the AC Compressor

by Tom Haris Hillam Tyres

Air conditioners are truly one of the best development that technology has done so far. It cools us down when the outside temperature gets scorching hot! It is therefore important to make sure that these air conditioners are well maintained and don’t have any significant faults. 

Air Conditioning Huddersfield can sometimes create a problem in working. It is important to recognise if the problem is small or one needs to call a professional.

If the AC compressor is not working properly, it means it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

A compressor is an eminent component of an AC system. It absorbs the heat from the space that needs to be cooled and releases it outside, blowing in the only cool, and fresh air. However, if it has a technical fault, it’s fixing can be expensive which sometimes can lead to the replacement of the whole system.

Hillam Tyres believes that in such a case, one should always seek a professional who would give correct guidance on how exactly it should be fixed.

But how can we know that the AC compressor is broken?

Here are 5 signs of a compressor failure.

  1. The compressor is venting-in warm air.
  2. It doesn’t turn on at all.
  3. The circuit breaker keeps tripping. 
  4. Vibrations in the outer part of any unit.
  5. Unusual noises from the condensing unit.

Explanation of the 5 signs of a compressor failure—

  1. The compressor can blow hot air if it is having a technical fault which means that the refrigerant is not being pumped by the compressor properly. Another thing that may be the cause is the refrigerant leak. When the refrigerant charge is broken, it strains the compressor which then blows-in the warm air. Hence, it is important to look out for these signs in an AC.
  1. The compressor not turning on is the most common problem. The fan may seem to be working fine but it is the condensing unit that has a problem. One can check the thermostat by turning it down. If it doesn’t, it means the air conditioner has a serious problem that needs to be fixed by an expert that may cause either repair or replacement of the whole system.
  1. When the circuit breaker keeps on tripping, it means the condensing unit is losing power which significantly causes a compression failure. The AC may be heating too much or taking too much power that it causes a circuit breaker to trip. It is important to ensure that a circuit breaker is resettled and turned back on again.  
  2. Vibrations on the outer part are also a common problem of a compressor failure. If the condensing unit starts vibrating, it means the compressor is having a problem turning on. In such a case, one should immediately call a professional to rectify the problem.
  1. If the condensing unit is making unusual noises, it means a compressor failure has occurred due to some glitch in an electrical component or the fan motor, that has been misplaced, is ratting across the condenser unit. One should fix the compressor as soon as such noises start coming, otherwise fixing such issues could be really expensive. 


Although a regular inspection and check on Air conditioners can help to avoid such problems but one should never perform the repair by themselves or do any DIY. A professional should always be looked upon for fixing such things to have a quick and easy solution.

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