Types of Pharmaceutical Malpractices that need Pharmaceutical Lawyers Attention

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Pharmaceutical errors are extremely rare, due to strict training and quality standards, accountability, however, the issues somehow present themselves. But why does one need pharmaceutical lawyers for situations like these? Statistically about a million people are getting affected and injured due to pharmaceutical malpractices in America. Pharmaceutical malpractice results from a professional's negligence towards a patient! This sort of negligence is anything related to a medical error that results in health issues due to improper consultation of drugs by a healthcare professional.  

What is Pharmacy Malpractice? 

It is a problem affecting an ample number of customers and patients. Pharmaceutical attorneys constantly fight and investigate cases of malpractice for those who have been injured and affected their health miserably. Let us go through the types of errors/negligence that requires you to call for help! 

Types of Pharmaceutical Malpractices/ Negligence  

If you or someone you know have become a victim recently for any of the following problems. It is time to take a serious legal step. 

  • Incorrect Prescription: 

If a pharmacy provided a wrong drug, which is completely far from the drug that is suitable for your condition. This is a problem of gross negligence that should not be entertained by anyone. Prescription errors are pretty common ones as many medicines, codes appear to look similar.

  • Incomplete Information on Label: 

Beyond the guidelines mentioned on the drugs, pharmacies are also expected to provide instruction to patients on how much to take. Along with that, additional information is also necessary like, whether to consume it with food or water, etc. If a patient mistakenly consumes it with food while it wasn't permissible, it is again negligence that needs legal attention from pharmaceutical litigation attorneys without fail. 


  • Giving Defective Drugs:  

Manufacturers are liable to push out defective drugs only to make sure the ample slot is spread across the market. This contaminated drug holds severe bacteria and viruses and it is the pharmaceutical technician's responsibility to keep a check of the drugs they have in store. The consequences for such an act are intolerable, and the end-user must demand compensation for the same.


  • Wrong Dosage: 

Sometimes, the pharmacy might provide the right drug, however, the problem is with the dosage. Overdose of drugs is also harmful and can severely affect a patient’s health. If you have been in a situation where overdosing suggested by professionals has caused health concern. One that you cannot ignore as it has caused dangerous reactions or allergies. It is time to catch hold of pharmacists for not information and correcting it well in advance. 

Reasons for Pharmaceutical Injury Lawsuits


  1. A drug can be defective due to failure of warning, improper instruction, wrong dosage, and more. This solely happens when the patient is not aware of the side effects, as the professional failed to tell. 

  2. Without the warning, the patient couldn’t make an informed decision, resulting in the harm of the side effect that they were not expected, which calls for pharmaceutical litigation

  3. Drugs are meant to be consumed in a certain way, and the instruction has to be transparent and clear. If not, people will unintentionally harm themselves which is not their fault but the negligence by a professional that should not be entertained.

  4. The person injured and affected due to a pharmaceutical error can file an injury claim and can show that the drug was unsafe, or the Pharmacy failed to disclose the potential danger of the drug, and the dangerous side effect of the wrong drug and dosage.

Why is it Important to Contact a Lawyer?

Unless victims don't take a stand, pharmaceutical companies won't be held liable for their actions. Contacting an attorney might be a difficult decision, but the only option to help you know your potential recovery. They will help you recover the damage and your effort can help save someone else from being a victim too!


The best way to know whether you need to consider pharmaceutical lawyers is to speak with one. At Bailey & Galyen, we provide professional legal counsel across Texas and respond promptly to your requests. If your loved one has suffered serious injury and harm because of negligence, by a drug company, you need professional help to hold them accountable.

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