Try These Easy Steps For Hp printer Offline Trouble

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While using electronic gadgets like Hp printer, we may face one or other issues. If your Hp Printer Is Offline and you are searching badly for the troubleshooting steps then read this guide carefully. Hence, we should be prepared with a little knowledge. 

In this guide, you will get everything that is required to fix Hp Printer Not Responding.  So, you need to read this guide carefully without creating any mess. 

Or else, call us now on the given toll-free number to talk with our experts. They will resolve the issue in a short period of time. 

How To Fix Hp Printer Offline Trouble?

Follow all the steps that have been provided below to fix why your Hp Printer Not Responding

  1. Check All the Cables

It may be possible, all the cables that you have connected with the printer are not connected properly. Or else, the cables are damaged. 

So, first, reinsert the cables then insert them again. Replace the cables that are not working fine. 

  1. Printer Offline Settings

Apart from the first step, try to fix the issue of the Hp Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi by closing “use printer offline”. 

To make your printer online again, try the steps that have been provided below: 

  • Open the “setting window” and then click on “devices” 

  • Select a printer device via “printers and scanners” 

  • Tap on the option of “printer device” and then click on “Open queue” 

  • When the new window will be opened, click on “printers” and then “use printer offline” 

  1. Set Hp printer As Default printer

  • Open the tab of “printers and scanners” and choose the option of “open queue” 

  • Click on “printer” and then set the Hp printer as the default printer to troubleshoot the trouble of the Hp printer offline. 

  1. Fix the issue via WSD Port

If your Hp printer has a WSD port then try to fix the Hp Printer Error State via the steps provided below: 

  • Open the settings of “printers and scanners” again. 

  • Click on “printer device” open the “queue”

  • To make it expand, click on Printer and then select “properties” 

  • From the window of “properties”, you need to skip to the “ports” tab

  • Here, you can check if your printer uses a WSD port or not

From the above steps, you can easily check if your printer has a WSD port or not. Now, try to resolve the Hp Printer offline trouble. 

  • From the start menu, click on “services”. 

  • To open it, click on the best match result

  • Now you need to locate  Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication by scrolling down 

If the issue still persists then you need to focus on the below-provided steps: 

  • Go to the printer settings and print a report 

  • Go back to the printer’s port tab and click on Add Port. 

  • From there click on “Standard TCP/IP port and then click on the new port 

  • Use the information that has been listed on “network configuration report” so as to add a new report 

  1. Create Manual IP Connection

If you will create a manual IP connection then also you can easily troubleshoot Hp printer Offline Trouble. 

  • Go to the network setting menu and print the network configuration page

  • Check the status of the network if connected or not

  • If you have found that your network connection is not connected then connect the printer with the network first

  • Find the default gateway, subnet mask, and the IP address for the network connection type

  • Find the URL for the EWS(Embedded Web Server) 

  • Click on Apply changes and this is how you can easily troubleshoot when HP Printer Says Offline. 

How Do You Get A Hp printer Back Online?

If your HP Printer is Offline and you want to make it online gain then do follow the steps that we have provided below: 

  • At the bottom left of the screen corner, click on “control panel” and then “devices and printers” 

  • Now, you have to click right on “printer option and see what’s printing 

  • A new window will be opened then, from that new window click on “printer” 

  • Select “Use printer online” from the menu

How Do I Fix An Offline Hp printer?

There could be a number of reasons behind Why HP Printer is Offline like a faulty cable connection, outdated software, faulty wifi, etc. 

To fix the issue and get your Hp printer back online, try the steps that have been given below: 

  • In the windows, search for “devices” 

  • Click on “devices and printers” 

  • Right-click on the name of the Hp Printer and set your printer r as the default one 

  • Now, check if the issue got resolved or still troubling you

Why Won’t My Hp Printer Connect To My Wifi?

To fix the Hp printer offline trouble, try the steps that have  been provided below: 

  • Click on the “utilities” tab 

  • Click on the options of  “printer setup and software” 

  • Select the option of “reconfigure wireless settings” 

  • To change the wireless settings, you just need to follow all the instructions that have been provided on the screen

  • If prompted then try to connect the printer with the network via USB cable

Why won't my HP printer connect to my computer?

If your Hp printer is not connecting with the printer then check if you have inserted all the cables properly or not. Reinsert all the cables again. Also, don’t forget to check if there is any cable that needs replacement. 

After checking all the cables, make sure that you didn’t forget to turn the Hp printer, router, and the computer ON. 

After that, disconnect all other USB cables from the printer and the computer. Also, don’t try to connect the printer via a USB hub. 

If nothing is able to solve the issue then try to Setup Hp Printer again. This will resolve all of your printer related issues like Hp printer Offline, Hp printer not connecting to a computer, etc. 

How Do I Clear My Hp Printer Queue?

If you want to clear the Hp printer queue then you first have to turn the Hp printer off and then remove all the cables connected to it including the power cord. 

Go to the windows and open “services” there. When the window of services will be opened, click right on the print spooler and then click on “stop”. 

When the services will be stopped, close the window. Reconnect all the cables and then turn the Hp printer ON. 

Some Last Words…

Apart from the issue of Hp printer offline trouble, we have also told you enough methods so that you don’t need to switch over to another article. 

With the help of this number, you will be connected with our technicians. Call them any time you want and they will resolve every issue of yours in a short possible time.

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