Trimesters Of Pregnancy And Tips To Deal With Them

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One thing that is most common during pregnancy is physical change which exposes you to all the diverse feelings that you might not have experienced ever before. From feeling tired and worried to scared, you get to cross all these emotions. Most of the women you conceive for the second time are well aware about all the discomforts but for those who are pregnant for the first time we are here to help you. reading this article will not only make you aware about all the symptoms of pregnancy in first trimester but at the same time will also reveal some of the common tips to deal with the same so that you have to worry as little as possible.

Most of the pregnant women experience vomiting and nausea. This in other words and most popularly is also known as morning sickness. Irrespective of the term, this sickness can hit you at any hour of the day. This condition is commonly associated with the increasing levels of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG). This hormone is produced when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus and begins to rise via the first trimester, helping in maintain the pregnancy till placenta does not fully take over. it in other words can also be associated with the healthy growth of the foetus. However, it is not necessary that all women experience the same.

pregnancy symptoms

Tip to deal with nausea and vomiting

Suggestion is, that you should try to eat less portion of food but after small intervals of time. Apart from this, there are few other home remedies like eating ginger and drinking chamomile tea that can be of great help. also, you can opt for wearing anti-nausea wristband.

Tip to deal with nausea and vomiting

Another symptom that most of the ladies notice is getting tired. Even if you do a little work your body tends to give up and you begin feeling exhausted. So, if you are unable to do even little acts then do not unnecessarily tire yourself. It is happening because of the hormonal changes, particularly due to the rise in progesterone that you get easily fatigued in the first trimester.


Tips to deal with fatigue

To deal with this tiredness, it is suggested that pregnant women must take as much rest as possible. Make taking rest your priority. Do not compromise on eight hours of sleep. During the first trimester you are lucky in not finding a trouble spotting the comfortable position. You can sleep the way you like and take any position that makes you comfortable.

Tips to deal with fatigue

Another common problem that pregnant women face during the period of pregnancy is constipation. It is a common problem for which pregnant women also tend to seek medical help. Among other hormonal changes, progesterone is one hormone that plays vital roles during pregnancy. The level of progesterone in your body tends to rise during pregnancy resulting in experiencing the slower contractions in intestines. All of this results in what we call constipation.


Tips to deal with constipation

To get rid of the problem of constipation, it is suggested that pregnant women must have as much water intake as possible. Keeping your body hydrated is the key to combat constipation. Try adding herbs as well as fruit to your diet. Add cucumber as well as watermelon, for sure as both of these are of great help at increasing the hydration in the body. Not only does doing so help you to fight against constipation but at the same time also helps deal with uterine irritability apart from increasing your energy.

Tips to deal with constipation

4. Round ligament pain

With the growth of the baby, the uterus also begins to expands thereby lifting out of the pelvis. There are two round ligaments that women have on each side of the uterus which stretch to accommodate the growing belly, putting pressure on the body. This pressure results in sharp and shooting pain which exacerbates while walking and exercising.

Tips to deal with round ligament pain

The best way to deal with this pain is by indulging in yoga and stretching. Apart from his, it is suggested that women must work with a chiropractor specializing in the Webster technique. However, consulting a doctor is always recommended to get a concrete results as these tips might not help all and sundry.

5. Heartburn

Once again, due to the increased level of progesterone, heartburn occurs. The increased level of this hormone relaxes the valve of your stomach thereby allowing the acid to back up into the esophagus. Also, the rising and expanding uterus of yours puts pressure on the stomach that forces the acid into the esophagus.

Tips to deal with heartburn

It is suggested that to get rid of this, you must not go to the bid immediately after having food. Allow your body some time to digest what you have eaten prior to getting your back laid off on the bed.To wrap up, these are some of the most common problems that women face during the first trimester. Though these are a big concern for the pregnant lady but there are surely ways to either get rid of this or avoid these as much as possible. It is your duty to make effort to be aware about these symptoms and then make all the efforts that can help you at dealing with the same.

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