Ideas for unique Masonic gifts having great relevance to Freemasonry mission

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Being a member of Freemasonry is a matter of great pride and honor for all those who are part of this organization. Not only are they appreciated by the fraternity but also all across the globe knowing the exclusivity of Freemasonry. Masons are a group of like-minded men who follow strict moral values and strive for knowledge and excellence in whatever they pursue. They consider each other as their family and brothers beyond blood.  

Every brother has a sense of commitment and responsibility towards their organization and they certainly abide by all the rules and ethics set by the fraternity. To exemplify their respect and pride, Masons wear Masonic regalia. These are the pieces of clothing and jewelry worn by all the brothers on a daily as well as special Lodge occasions.  The regalia are also given in the form of Masonic Gift to new Freemasons by the old members as a welcoming gift. Also, members give them to their fellow brothers on special events to show their appreciation towards them.

Here is a list of some unique ideas of Masonic gifts:

Educational items

One of the main principles of Freemasonry is the desire for knowledge and learning at every step Masons pass through in the organization. Every member is given a copy of basics when they join the fraternity but as they progress they need resources to gain deeper knowledge. Masons also love to give Freemasonry books and other significant resources as gifts that help brothers to get a better understanding of Masonic principles.

Masonic antiques

Most of the Masonic antiques come in the form of jewelry pieces. These are usually casted in silver and signify Freemasonry symbolism. All these jewelry pieces are available in various designs and styles. They have great level of detailing as well on them and some of them are even made by Freemasons themselves for their other brothers. Most of them have common symbol of Freemasonry on them i.e., ‘G’. Apart from jewelry pieces, there are other antique items also such as books and various other heirlooms that have been used by older Masons in the past. By giving them in the form of gifts is to passing down one’s legacy from one person to another which increases the value of gift even more.

Customized and handmade items

There are many handmade Masonic items also available in stores that you can give in the form of gifts. They add a personal touch to the gifts and make them even more special. Some home decor pieces have certain kind of woodwork or glass etching on them which are great to be given as gifts. Others include scotch glasses and handmade jewelry boxes among others. All of these have important Masonic symbols and emblems on them.

Charitable work

As we all know, charity is one of the highly valued and treasured principles of this fraternity. It is a very special gift that one brother can bestow on another. To shower it as gift, a Mason can donate to one of the many causes of Freemasonry under the name of another brother whom he wants to show appreciation to.

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