Complete Guide to Speed Test Without App

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Feel your network is slower than what you registered for? Conducting a free speed test is the quickest way to ensure you are getting the right amount of bandwidth. However, the results vary among different speed tests, which is usually caused by many reasons. In this article, we’ll provide you with a Complete Guide to Speed Test Without App and tips to get more accurate results.

How do speed tests work?

When you embark on a speed test, packets of data will be sent from your device to the server, and then back again. The speed test will measure the amount of time data travel and give you download, upload, and latency speeds.

How to speed test without the app?

Free speed test apps apart, there ate also dozens of websites that allow you to check your Internet connection for free. Here we guide you to test speed on, which is one of the most popular speed test services trusted by thousands of people worldwide.

Let’s get started!

Speed Test Without App on

  • Step 2: Press “GO” to start testing. 

  • Step 3: Then the software will process and test the download and upload speed. After the speed test without app is complete, it will display the final result of the upload speed, the download, and ping.

Results of Speed Test Without App

After completion, view your connection's upload and download speeds as measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Interestingly, you can share the results with your friends via social media. 

Run free speed test a few times by clicking the "Go" button again and again—you will see fluctuations in the data speed from test to test, depending on the network congestion at any given time. Gospeedcheck will record all results of the speed test without app, allowing you to compare your results to global average speeds. 

Few tricks to have an accurate speed test

  • Restart Your Modem and Devices: When experiencing slow speeds, you first should restart your modem and router for 15-20 seconds before running a speed test. 

  • Restart the device used to run your speed test. 

  • Close up any new apps or windows to make sure nothing is using additional bandwidth on the device you are using for your speed test.

  • Connect your device directly to your modem using the ethernet port. 

  • Disconnect and turn any additional Internet-connected devices.

  • Clear your browser cache before you start a test, especially if you intend to run multiple tests. 

Complete Guide to Speed Test Without App

  • Don’t count on just one test: To have the best results of your speed test without app, it’s important to run multiple tests at different times within the day and the week and averaging the results.

  • Choose the server closest to you: Many speed test websites, including allows choose a server closer to you based on your IP address. This will give you a more accurate read because it won’t take long for the data packets to travel. 


We have given you a Complete Guide to Speed Test Without App. Are there any other ways that help? Please share them with us in the comments.

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