Patchouli Essential Oil & Its Benefits

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What is Patchouli Essential Oil?

Patchouli Essential Oil is derived by steam distillation of the leaves of Pogostemon Cabin plant which has a sweet, rich & earthy aroma. The basic components of patchouli essential oil include alpha patchouli, beta patchoulene, alpha guaiane, alpha bulnesene, caryophyllene, norpatchoulenol, patchouli alcohol, seychellene, and pogostol.

The sweet, rich & earthy aroma of this essential oil promotes mental peace and balance. It is also good for promoting the skin elasticity in addition to supporting the healthy digestive & immune system.

Extraction and Application: This thick essential oil is steam-distilled after it’s extracted from young leaves.

By adding a few drops of Patchouli Essential Oil to your bath water or humidifier will alleviate the depression and anxiety. Using this essential oil as a blend with massage lotion will speed up the wound healing process and to treat the skin infections.

Aromatherapy Uses: Patchouli serves as a powerful skin care agent; it even promotes skin cell growth when applied directly to the skin. Patchouli helps to relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, curb addiction, reduce cellulite and bloating.

By applying topically on the skin, Patchouli Essential Oil serves as a powerful skin care agent by treating various skin infections like- dermatitis, rashes, pigmentation, acne, wards, etc.

Caution: Although non-toxic, it’s best to use Patchouli in small doses given its strength.

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             Health Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil -

Apart from being known for its antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, cicatrizant, cytophylactic, deodorant, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicide, insecticide, sedative, and tonic properties it is also being used as an insect repellent for many years because of being used in the protection of clothes and fabrics from insects.

Top 5 Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil are:

1) Relieves Depression

Patchouli essential oil is often used in ayurvedic medicines and aromatherapy because it has its antidepressant properties. Majority of people say that consumption of patchouli oil reduces stress, anxiety, disappointment, and depression. It is because of this reason that a lot of chemical reactions take place in our body. Serotonin and dopamine are the hormones which are responsible for reducing our sadness and anger.

2) Soothes Inflammation

Patchouli oil helps in reducing inflammation and irritation. It makes our skin healthy. Not only this, but it is also used to treat skin problems and other conditions such as gout and arthritis.

3) Prevent Infections

As we know that small wounds lead to infections so it is better for us to take patchouli oil. This oil protects our skin from infections because of its antiseptic properties. When we take patchouli oil then there are lesser chances of getting a fungal infection. For instance, if you have a wound then you can simply put 2 to 3 drops of oil over your infected part.

4) Aphrodisiac

These oils have been used for many years. For dealing with sexual problems such as sexual anxiety, disinterest in sex, dysfunctioning of sexual hormones, etc it is better to use patchouli oil. This oil helps in producing sexual hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

5) Astringent Property

This oil also has astringent properties. It is used for strengthening the teeth, prevent hair loss, loosening of muscle tissues. Even doctors also recommended using patchouli essential oil for strengthening muscles and tissues as it acts as an anti-aging substance.

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