Top 9 Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

by Arome Global A Range of 100% Natural Products

1) Eliminates Bad Odour: Avoid using scents and deodorants because it contains chemicals and other toxic substances which are harmful to your body. If you want to remove bad odor then it is better for you to patchouli essential oil as it contains good fragrance. Moreover, it is derived naturally from roots, shrubs, herbs, seeds, etc.

2) Stimulates Urination: Removal of toxic substances from your body such as salt, water, uric acid helps in increasing the frequency of urination. If you add 2 to 3 drops of patchouli essential oil in lemon water then it is beneficial for you as it lowers your blood pressure, lowers your cholesterol, reduces the chances of gallbladder stones and maintains balanced body weight.

3) Reduces Fever: Not only it helps in treating infections but it also reduces pain associated with fever. Because of its cooling properties, it is beneficial for us to reduce the body temperature by adding a few drops of oil over hands, stomach, and neck.

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4) Inhibits Fungal Growth: Fungal infections are quite serious and affect our respiratory system. So patchouli essential oil has their antifungal property which is used to inhibit the growth of fungus.

5) Kills Insects: It is used in body lotions, incense sticks, sprays and vaporizers for killing insects, mosquitoes, ants, flies, and moths. If we want to get rid of insects then we can use patchouli essential oil in sprays and apply it over our skin except for eyes and mouth. We can also wash our clothes with this oil if we want to kill bugs.

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6) Sedates Hypersensitivity: Patchouli oil is beneficial for those persons who are suffering from insomnia. Even research studies have shown that this oil is best for reducing allergies or breathing problems. Taking a few drops of oil helps in relaxing our body, mind and boosts our immune system.

7) Acts as Tonic: Patchouli oil acts as a tonic as it improves our digestive, nervous and immune system. It is often considered as natural tonic among other essential oils. It is believed that when you rub this oil on your forehead, lower abdomen and back then it can generate more energy.

8) Speeds up Healing Process

As cuts and scrapes are caused by injuries so if we want to prevent those injuries then patchouli essential oil is best for this. It is being used by countries such as Malaysia and Japan for healing snakes bites also. It helps in curing burns, boils, wounds, stretch marks, dehydrated skin, cracks because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Not only this, but it also helps in promoting the growth of new tissues and cells.

9) Stimulates Blood Circulation

It improves blood circulation by producing red blood cells and white blood cells in our body. It results in transporting the blood to different parts of the body and thus boosts energy level and improving metabolism.

Other Benefits- Since all the benefits of patchouli oil have been explained above but are some of the other benefits given below:

• It is used to get relief from constipation

• It deals with dandruff problems

• It is used to prevent our body from insect bites

• It boosts our immune system 

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