Top 6 Ways to Do the Perfect Ecommerce Landing Page Optimization

by Vaishali S. Professional Web Designer

Having a good eCommerce site does not always denote that it’s good enough to close sales. If you have not a single clue how your website visitors are looking at your website and how they are using it, you are missing an important aspect of online selling. Unless and until you are able to convert your website visitors into the valuable buyers, you are missing the whole goal of your business. One such activity that can get the job done is landing page optimisation. If you have a look at Layerpoint, you will be able to see a lot of websites with great landing pages as they have availed a good strategy of landing page optimisation.

So, you should also pay attention to create a great landing page for your eCommerce site and below are the top landing page optimization techniques to avail.

Focus on Product

A product page is an essential and natural part of an eCommerce website. But it has been seen that the online store owners often put a few more elements on their product page rather than the products. But when you would make your product page all about the products, it will eliminate the clutter from the page and the consumers’ mind and they will be focused to take the right action.

Implement Image Zooming

Image zooming is one of the best ways to showcase your products to your online customers. Since the consumers cannot touch and feel the products like they can in the brick and mortar stores, they will be really interested in seeing the products in the most detailed manner. When you put the pictures of your online store’s products with an option to zoom, they will be able to see each and every part and particle of it. Also, put multiple pictures of the same product from different views and angles.

Suggested Products

Suggested products are a great way to increase the number of sales for your eCommerce business. When you have an eCommerce website, quite naturally, the customers would land on your website to find a particular product they wish to buy. So, if you don’t have any recommendations to show them, they would come to your site and leave after the product purchase. But what if you have a product recommendation for your consumers? They would come and see your recommendation and almost every time it has been noticed that the recommended products have been bought by the users. So, the number of sales will certainly increase.

Product Videos

Videos have become an integral part of your life, our life and the life of your consumers. Along with the arrival of Netflix, Hulu, and mostly, YouTube, people are showing great interest in video contents. So, you should always grip the trend and apply it for good. Along with the still product pictures, you can make use of the product videos which will enhance the value of the product as the users will not only be able to see the products from different angles in the still pictures, they can actually experience the product being moved, touched, and felt.

Limited Time Offers

One great way to boost your website’s sales at a rapid growth in a short time is announcing the Limited Time Offers. The limited time offers would not only increase your website’s interest level but also will hike the branding part of your business as a lot of users are going to talk about your website’s awesome offerings. When they talk, promptly, your site’s reliability, popularity, and branding increases.

Product Rating and Review

The rating and reviews are a great way to built trust among the users of your website. If you are running an eCommerce website and selling products, the first thing that you should consider is what would entice a customer to buy products from your site? The reliability is the answer. If a consumer finds a product reliable enough, only then he/she would be interested in making a purchase. Otherwise, the user is going to another site, for sure. For that very reason, you should showcase the product rating and review to ensure that the customers can see the feedback of the previous buyers and can make a purchase without any second thought in their mind.

Winding Up

The only reason why a customer would be interested in your online store and choose you over the rests is the difference you make. If you cannot make a significant difference, they are going to another site which is there for more time than you are. So, you need to make use of the above 6 techniques of landing page optimisation of an eCommerce website. These techniques would provide you with a boatload of revenue and traffic which can be immensely effective for your business’s future. So, we believe you have paid attention and gone through the whole content carefully. Please get back to us with your valuable feedback on the article.

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