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According to Wikipedia “Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software product or service under test. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Test techniques include the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs (errors or other defects), and verifying that the software product is fit for use.” In other words, software testing means checking whether the software programmes met the expectation of the user. The specified requirements have to be met. This is the reason why it exists. 

Why software testing is important in the IT sector
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Fun facts about software testing: Glenford J. Myers initially introduced the separation of debugging from testing in 1979. There is a difference between software engineering and fundamental development of software. They are in different fields. As per sources from Wikipedia, “ Several certification programs exist to support the professional aspirations of software testers and quality assurance specialists. Note that a few practitioners argue that the testing field is not ready for certification”

Different types of software testing: there are many types of software testing available and they are as followed, 

  • Manual testing: in this process, the software is tested manually to find the defects. The tester should know the ends to work it properly so that it can meet the expectation if the user. In this case, the tester generates the reports manually without the inclusion of any automation tool. 
  • Automation testing: automation testing means testing the software with the help of automation tool. The defects here are found with the help of automation tool, unlike the manual testing. Here the results are generated automatically. Some of the famous automation testing tools for functional testing are QTP/UFT and Selenium. 

Two types of testing method: there are two types of testing methods available, be it automation testing or manual testing. 

  • Static testing: this method of testing is also known as the verification in any software testing. Verification is known as the static method of checking the documents and files in order to correct the files or to find the defects. To verify the requirements of the software the tester has to engage in this method. Activities involved here are Inspections, Reviews, Walk through.
  • Dynamic testing: this method of testing is known as the validation of any software testing. It is a dynamic process of any product. Activities involved in this is Testing the software application. 

Types of testing approach: There are three types of testing approaches in the software testing systems and they are listed below

  • White box testing:  also called as Glass Box, Clear Box, Structural Testing. This whole form of testing is based on the internal code of structure. 
  • Black box testing:  also called as Behavioral/Specification-Based/Input-Output Testing, this testing method requires evaluation of the functionality of the software under test without checking the internal code structure. 
  • Grey box testing: it is a combination of both the black and white box testing. 

Types of testing level: There are four types of testing levels depending on the defect. 

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

Why software testing is important: the process of software testing is more difficult and complex than many think. This is where the work of software developer coke as they apply their knowledge of software testing skills to justify the expectation of the user. The main task of the software tester is to checking and checking again to make sure that the software is debugged, and is working without any problematic effects before it is launched in the market.  All of this depends on the adequacy and the complacent knowledge of the developer who will be working on it. His work would revolve around so many things such as translating the designs and mainframes. They have to fix bugs and rectify the bottlenecks, they'd have to help maintain code quality, organization, and automation.

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