Realize the seriousness of the problem of food wastage before it’s too late!

by Vaishali S. Professional Web Designer

When you have something in abundance it’s unfortunately human nature to take it for granted until one day you realize it’s too late and ship of rectification has already sailed.  We tend to have the same attitude towards food but just because you know that you will get to eat tomorrow doesn’t in any way give you the privilege (yes it is a privilege if you are able to afford food everyday) of taking it for granted. Every day there are people getting affected with diseases due to hunger and people are dying because of hunger. Food wastage is a serious problem and we fill be fools if we turn a blind eye to it.

Don’t let the labour of the food being produced go to waste.

Have you ever given thought to how much labour goes into making each and every ingredient of that beautiful dish that you just ordered or you enjoyed at your favourite restaurant? But there are farmers working every month of the year, sowing seeds, watering, harvesting and so on to make each grain for your dish. So much effort goes into the packaging, cleaning, cooking of the food that you finally see as a beautifully presented dish just goes to a total waste when we do not even think twice before throwing out the leftovers. Donate your food to another hungry soul but don’t throw it away because it’s would be a shame to trivialize the effort and labour of the people responsible in producing it.

Each time you waste food, that’s your hard earned money down the drain.

Imagine the different meals of your day in terms of their cost and then imagine throwing it away- it is nothing but literally throwing every penny that you just parted with while buying it. Whether it is businesses dealing with food or as an individual, food waste equals money waste and it is not beneficial to anyone. Don’t let food waste burn a hole in your pockets. Identify where your waste is coming from, is it ordering in excess or food spoilage or misinterpretation of food dates as expiration dates- whatever it may be, make your own strategies and reduce food waste and save your money.

Know how food wastage affects your ecosystem adversely.

As we go on wasting food and being ignorant, most of those leftover items and food end up in landfill and ultimately end up in producing huge amounts of carbon dioxide and methane gas. These are the major contributors of environment pollution. The problem has aggravated so far that wasted food now accounts as third largest producer of carbon dioxide. All this is also increasingly becoming detrimental for the sea life due to the large amount of food waste being thrown into the oceans and is putting our ecosystem out of balance.

Think about the resources you waste with each grain of food that you throw away!

Every time you buy food and throw away the leftovers, with it you are also throwing away the human effort put behind that particular dish but that’s not all. We easily forget that the food that we don’t consume has also consumed a lot of other resources like water, minerals, fertilizer etc. Rather than finding ways to curb this habit of food wastage we let all those planetary resources go to waste just because of our inconsiderate attitude.

Every little food you save helps.

We at Eat2Save have only one passion and that is food.  We constantly make efforts to make sure that food reaches every household. It is ridiculous to waste pound and pound of food when there are families starving and people willing to do anything to just have access to the bare minimum amount of food. We have been encouraging people to get in touch with the numerous organizations that provide food for the people in need and continue to do so.

As for reducing food wastage keep try to keep in mind these simple practical tips-

·         If you have cooked too much or ordered more than you can consume, save your uneaten portions and label them when you store them in the fridge. This helps you keep count as to how long they have been in there.

·         Try to use your leftovers in your daily routine and incorporate them in your meals as much as possible.

·         Shop realistically, be a smart shopper and be thoughtful about what you purchase.

·         Lastly look into food banks and charities before you decide to throw away any food.

Next time when you see trays of food go into the garbage or when you yourself are adding to this problem, don’t just shrug and look the other way, do your bit and curb this food wastage problem when there is still time. 

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