Top 5 nutrition tips to improve your performance

by Alex Hennry Digital Marketer

Just like you need to fill fuel in your car regularly to keep it running, our body needs sufficient nutrition to perform well. A high-intensity workout schedule takes a lot of endurance. The longer training sessions can be optimised only if you are feeding your body with the right kind of nutrition.   

However, you can always buy sports nutrition supplements in the UK, taking a balanced diet helps in avoiding injuries and maintaining fitness levels. These guidelines and tips will help definitely help you.

1.      Load your plate with carbohydrates: Carbs are the main energy providers. Our body breaks them into glucose and store in the muscles in the form of glycogen. This glycogen is converted into energy molecules while working out.

The muscles always have sufficient glycogen for around 90-minute intense workout schedules. But, once you exceed this time period, make sure to follow these tricks:

·         Loading carbohydrates 3-4 days before an event can help you store more glycogen in your muscles.

·         Your diet should be 70% protein. Consume foods like pasta, fruits, bread and vegetables to store maximum carbohydrates. You can also order supplements and nutrition from online stores for better results.

·         Don’t eat anything 3-4 hours before the event to avoid feeling full. Never eat anything sugary or starchy 30-minutes prior the event.

·         Reload your carbohydrate content every time after a high-intensity workout session.  


2.      Get enough protein: Protein does not provide any kind of energy but it important to maintain your muscles. You need just the right amount. One should exactly how much protein your needs. An average person needs 1.2-1.4 g of protein per ½ pound of weight. It may increase to 1.7 g for the athletes who participate in rigorous exercises.

·         It is important to maintain the optimum quantity because too much can protein can damage your kidneys. It is advised to consume foods that provide high-quality nutrition instead of taking supplements. Lean meats, fish, nuts, beans, eggs or milk are the ideal meals.

·         There are protein powders whey and casein, that are easy to consume. You can mix them up with milk or water and drink.     


3.      Go easy on fats: Fats are the energy reservoirs of our body. While longer events, such as marathon when the carbohydrate reservoir runs low, our body start using this stored fat. Unsaturated fats are best for the purpose. Foods like avocados, nuts, olives and fatty fishes like salmon and tuna should be a part of their diet.


4.      Stay hydrated: Intense exercise regime in hot weather may lead to too much water loss. Dehydration affects your performance. It can be a potential danger to your life as well. Every athlete is advised to consume fluids in the optimum quantity.

Never wait to feel thirsty. You may get dehydrated by the time you feel parched.

The colour of your urine tells it all. A pale yellow shade indicates that you are getting sufficient fluid. The bright or dark colour of urine indicates that you are falling short.

Consume fluids before starting your exercise schedule to keep yourself hydrated up to the mark.   


5.      Replace lost electrolytes: Exercising leads to sweating which removes both fluids and electrolytes. To replenish the loss of electrolytes in the body, one should reach for sports drinks. These drinks can be diluted with water in order to maintain the balance of fluids as well.      

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