Top 5 Instructions before Planning the Hair Transplant Procedure

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

The hair transplant procedure is one of the sophisticated kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries that need a good planning before finalizing the option. This is the only a safe and permanent option to get back the permanent hair from one’s own scalp. However, it is a natural process that caters to the aesthetic surgical procedure in order to achieve the best outcomes of the procedure. The hair transplant cost chiefly depends on the performing Surgeon’s expertise and the usable number of grafts in order to fulfil the aesthetic need of the surgery. Thus, it is a topmost concern in the surgery that what instructions one should follow that helps in achieving the best outcomes of the procedure.

Here is a quick list of top 5 instructions to follow before the Hair Transplant Surgeries are as follows:

1.     Who is Your Surgeon?

The performing surgeon has a great role in deciding the overall success of the procedure. The hair transplant surgeon must MS and M Ch degree in order to perform the surgery that can assure you about the best results. Only certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons are allowed to do the same because it is a sophisticated kind of cosmetic surgeries that require an extremely artistic and aesthetic sense to touch the natural concern of the surgery.

2.     Which Hair Transplant Clinic you are Going To?

Only recognized and reputed clinics headed by the expert plastic & cosmetic surgeon should be considered first to receive the procedure. It is mandatory to mention here that these days a mushroom growth of hair clinic has been operated claims the best practices for the procedure by the use of modern technology and equipment. But, you have to select only those who have a remarkable presence in the hair transplant industry. Only certified clinics should be chosen to receive the surgical procedure.

3.     The Pre-procedure consultation is Mandatory

The pre-procedure consultation is mandatory to get the idea about the scalp condition, donor state, and feasible technique to receive the procedure. However, it is important to attend a prior consultation session with your surgeon. Nowadays, many hair transplant clinics provide the online facilities for the same to make the procedure an easier option. Still, the role of physical consultation cannot be ignored and one should attend the same to know the procedural cost as well. An expert surgeon recommends the technique only after evaluation of your scalp status because the possibility of the particular technique depends on the patient’s scalp condition, status of the hair loss as well as the present donor area’s condition. So, it has a prime effective role in the surgical restoration of hair.

4.     Which is the Feasible Technique Vs Thorough Research

The hair transplant technique has a major role in deciding the expected outcome of the procedure. There are two techniques in the hair transplant procedure, named as the FUT technique and the FUE hair transplants. The technique is used in the procedure for the extraction of grafts has a top weighted as it decides the particular number of grafts that fulfil the hair restoration goal. As we all know that the FUT technique is the best method to extract a mega number of grafts that cover the greatest grade of baldness. However, it is important to opt the FUT technique, but it depends on the patient’s donor’s condition that how many grafts can be extracted from the same safe donor zone. The safe donor area must be in a healthy condition free from the spot baldness (Alopecia areata) or unstable hair loss in order to extract the most permanent hair roots.

5.     What is the cost of the Procedure?

The cost of the procedure should be discussed with your surgeon before the surgery. The procedure cost is rated on the basis of the number of grafts, the present grade of Norwood baldness, the applied technique as well as the performing surgeon’s expertise. However, it is important to get an idea about the clinic’s charge for the surgery along with the information on the per graft cost applicable in the particular clinic.


The overall success of the procedure depends on the expert hand of the surgeon adhere to the serious concern about the pre-and post-operative measure of the surgery that one should keep in mind to get the best cosmetic effect of the procedure. 

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