Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape the Future

by Akash Chauhan Google Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is a way to advertise any product or service whether it is in form of internet uploads, websites, logos, or any such gestures. It is the way of expressing the quality of products or services that prevail in the market – a highly successful means of one sided communication with people. The digital marketing landscape has taken a big leap in last 2 years and is still growing rapidly. It has become accessible for people to compare products online. Software outsourcing is one of the most commonly used processes in the digital marketing space. The process of purchase is becoming truly transparent and has become a wonderful way to earn more for sellers and buy better for customers as the system has become clearer. It is a ‘win win’ situation for both sides.

Recent Trends in Digital Marketing space

2016 has been a winning year for digital marketing. There are many factors responsible for it. There are many ways to do digital marketing. Some of the ways are trending on top of the market and as you know, marketing is where the crowd is. Talking about digital marketing, it is seen that people are mostly engaged with mobile phones on daily basis. So, it has proven to be the best technique for digital marketing. The question that is arising in the mind of people is “what next?” According to a recent research, the current trends of digital marketing are:

  1. Mobile based digital marketing

Today people are so much involved with mobile phones that it has become an integral and inseparable part of their lives. People have become truly addicted to mobile phones and making this as the key focus, marketers have developed the strategy of mobile based marketing to increase the sales of their services and products. It is noteworthy that almost around 50% of data is being searched on mobile. Another eye opening fact about mobile phone usage is that nearly 91% of Facebook searches are done on mobile. Facebook advertising is among the best tools today used for advertising. Out of the total revenue generated from advertising on Facebook, a significant share comes from mobile. Today the traffic on desktops has reduced significantly which is a clear indication that mobile searches have taken a leap. 90% time spent on mobile is on mobile apps thereby revenue generation from apps is increasing. Marketers have been using apps as a source of advertising the company’s product. Apps have also contributed majorly to increase their sales.

  1. A/B testing

A/B testing is known as split testing or else bucket testing. This testing is basically a test where two different versions of web pages or apps are compared. It is compared by analyzing that which of them are most liked by people. Using this, a statistical data is generated which determines which app is liked and is performing better for a given product. It is an experiment on trying different variants and analyzing which one works best. AB testing is the main reason behind the digital campaigns carried out today in the market.

  1. Data usage

Data usage is one such strategy used for marketing where the data of people visiting a particular website is being captured in the form of cookies and used at later stages. With advancement in technologies, it has become possible to record the data of people visiting different websites. This information includes their age, their qualifications, the device they are using and their job designation. Marketers analyze this information and use suitable data to create profiles of customer and increase their sales ultimately. With the help of pages and slogans relevant to the product, a social network is created by them to generate revenue for the company. This data collection technique not only helps to grow the business but also help people to find the relevant services they are looking for.

  1. Videos

A video comes among the most preferred content where the interest of people lies. Videos are the future content expressing tools in order to draw attention of the crowd. The best forth coming technique to generate revenue and sales exponentially is videos. Videos, being the most interactive means of presenting any product, have an advantage over all the other tools. Fun and entertainment videos creating light atmosphere and along with it, transfers the necessary information to people. So, videos have been another means of interactive communication. Videos easily impact the mind of viewers compared to simple text, banners, logos, pictures, etc. We can say 2017 market will have a great influence of videos. A large profit is expected and targeted out of videos.


Digital marketing is spreading everywhere and has taken a lead in sales taking advantage of the situation. The coming future is looks promising and highly optimistic for digitalization. In digital marketing, software outsourcing has played a major role. Outsourcing people and extending sales has grown rapidly.

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