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Installing an alarm system in the apartment is advisable for various reasons, although it is in any case a guarantee of the safety of the property and of the people who are there. In commerce there are therefore alarm systems against intrusions and burglaries, but also alarms conceived rather to warn in case of fire detection or gas leak in the house.

Why install an alarm in the apartment?

An apartment is a place to feel comfortable and relax. However, for this to be the case, an apartment must benefit from an adequate level of security. Are you sure you have taken all the necessary precautions to avoid fire and poisoning? And what would happen if someone tried to break into your house? A high-performance alarm system allows you to fully enjoy your apartment without worries, thus being able to sleep peacefully and leave for the holidays peacefully without fear of unpleasant surprises.

Why a fire alarm?

In an apartment, as in a home, the risk of fire is always present. More than 280,000 interventions by firefighters are recorded every year. Starting in 2016, the obligation to install at least one smoke alarm with autonomous alarm in every house or apartment has come into force in USA. The system is simple: when the detector detects the presence of smoke in the apartment, an alarm is activated to warn the occupants and allow them to leave the house or call for help. The alarm is essential especially during the night, when the people in the house are asleep.

Other detectors allied to your security

On the market there are also detectors that warn in case of gas leak and risk of explosion, and carbon monoxide detectors, a very toxic gas and whose presence in an apartment can be lethal. When the detector detects the presence of gas in dangerous quantities, an audible alarm is activated immediately.

This allows you to leave the home preventing any risk of explosion and poisoning, to secure the people at risk (including any neighbors) and to notify the competent authorities. These detectors have a distinct alarm from the smoke detector siren, so as not to create confusion about the nature of the danger when the alarm.

Protect your home against any intrusion or theft

The other type of alarm recommended in the apartment is the intruder alarm, to complete your safety by preventing thieves from entering your home. It is often thought to be safer in an apartment than in an independent house, due to the obstacles that limit access to strangers (secure door of the building, keypad with security system code, presence of neighbors or a doorman, etc.). The risk of burglary exists, however, even in the apartment, by day as well as at night, and even in the presence of the inhabitants.

It is rarer that an apartment is protected by an alarm that not an independent dwelling. However, it is known that 95% of burglaries end when an alarm signal is activated. Installing an alarm system in an apartment to protect access is therefore a simple and effective solution to deter thieves and intruders.

Intruder alarm for apartment and home alarm: what's the difference?

Although there is no fundamental difference between an alarm system for a home and an apartment, an apartment located above the ground floor of a building is generally easier to protect and requires a less heavy surveillance cameras. The number of openings is often limited and an apartment generally has only one door: 80% of apartment thieves pass through the door; therefore the priority must be precisely the securing of this access point.

In principle, a wireless alarm system is therefore sufficient to protect an apartment. However, if the apartment it has vulnerable access points (an easily accessible balcony, for example) or if it is on the ground floor or first floor, it may be necessary to install a more elaborate security system, with different points of detection to protect all access routes to the ' apartment and, possibly, cameras or custom-made detectors.

It is good to remember that, in many condominiums, the regulation prohibits the installation of an external siren. It is therefore necessary to opt instead for an anti-intrusion security package equipped with an indoor siren.

How to choose between different types of intruder alarms?

Anti-intrusion alarms can be classified according to different criteria: the type of detection, the type of alarm, the type of command and the related functions allowed by the security system.

The different detectors

The detectors designed to detect an intrusion can be of different types. A motion detector works with infrared and gives the home alarm systems in the presence of a hot body, while an opening detector activates the alarm when there is no contact between two magnetic elements fixed on the opening of a door, a window, or of a piece of furniture or a safe. In addition to motion and opening detectors, there are also shock detectors and glass break detectors that give the alarm when anonymous vibrations are detected. Some glass break detectors combine noise detection with a thermal sensor to detect that a window has been broken.

The different types of notification possible

Once the detectors have identified the intrusion, the security system can give the alarm in several ways. The most obvious is the sound alarm, which puts the intruder on the run and warns the occupants of the house. An indoor alarm generally has an important volume (up to 110 dB). Your alarm system can also be equipped with other complementary notification types. With a smart alarm, you can also receive an alert via SMS on your phone or a notification via the app on your Smartphone. This can be useful if you are on another floor or if you are away from home and therefore cannot hear the alarm siren. If your system alarm is equipped with a SIM card, you can also receive a recorded call or an SMS via the GSM network in case of intrusion.

What kind of command for my alarm system?

Another factor that distinguishes the various existing alarms is constituted by the alarm control modes . Depending on the models, the start-up and the interruption of the alarm can be carried out with an application from your Smartphone, thanks to a control keyboard (often located near the entrance door), using a badge or using a TV remote.

Useful features for an alarm system

Your alarm system can also be equipped with other options or features. They can be useful based on the configuration of the house and how your security alarm works. Some alarm systems are designed to work even in homes where pets live: in this case, the motion detector can distinguish the heat emitted by the animal from that emitted by a human being so as not to give the alarm unnecessarily.

Some alarms are associated with a remote monitoring system. In this case, security camera installation and connect it to a security center. When the detectors register an intrusion, the staff of the center can then verify what happens on the spot thanks to the video or photo in real time and intervene if necessary. With a connected surveillance cameras in Chicago, you personally carry out this remote monitoring: in the event of an intrusion, you receive a notification and you can check what happens in your home from your Smartphone.

Another useful feature: some alarm systems they are designed to withstand tampering attempts. They are designed to prevent the extraction or removal of batteries and, in the case of wireless alarms that operate in waves, in order to withstand attempts at electromagnetic disturbance and interference.

How to choose the most suitable apartment alarm?

When it comes to choosing an alarm system for the home, different criteria come into play.

Opt for an approved alarm system

Preferably choose a model of anti-intrusion alarm approved according to the NFA2P standard. Depending on the value of the goods in your home, your insurer can demand it. The A2P standard classifies alarms according to three levels of protection: from one to three shields, depending on the system's performance and security level.

Wired or wireless alarm?

Security products include wired or wireless alarms. A wired alarm is more reliable and insensitive to interference, but its installation often requires the intervention of a professional and some work at home. A wireless alarm, on the other hand, offers a quick installation, without having to connect cables in the home, regardless of its location. A wireless alarm is battery powered and works even in the event of a power failure.

Independent alarm or complete protection system?

In terms of safety, you can choose between an autonomous alarm that generally secures the main access through a motion or opening detector, and a more complete alarm system, which combines different detectors and other safety accessories (camera, glass break detector, additional siren, etc.).

A choice that depends on the level of protection desired

The surface and distribution of your apartment are factors that help you make the right choice. If there are numerous access points, whether the house is on different floors or on the ground floor, an elaborate security system may be needed to prevent intrusions. You can thus choose to simultaneously protect the access points (doors, windows, skylights) and the rooms in which you store your valuables (safe, picture, jewelry ...).

The installation of an alarm system

Do not overlook the simplicity of installing the alarm system. An autonomous and wireless alarm offers easier installation and is therefore more economical. Even the installation of a smart alarm is easy, and the system configuration is very simple from the application on the phone. However, the intervention of a professional to install the alarm allows you to take stock of the safety of your home.

The price of an alarm for the home

The price of an alarm per apartment depends on the complexity of the installation. If you have objects of great value, or if access to your home is not secure enough, it is worth spending more on a high- performance alarm system. The installation by a professional or the subscription to a surveillance company is obviously additional costs to evaluate when you compare the prices of anti-intrusion alarms.

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