Increase the Security of Your Home with Video Surveillance and Video Analysis

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Video surveillance systems are an excellent solution if you want to strengthen the control function of your alarm system.


Thanks to strategically placed cameras, the chances of having everything under control increase. The video control can be used both inside your home (but also in the office and in your shed) and outside: the garden, the neighboring streets and the perimeter of the building. This system allows you to record what happens in the points of greatest interest and to see on the monitor of your device (TV, PC, smartphone, tablet) the images taken by DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) video recorders. The latest generation video analysis systems allow to recognize the passage of human beings and to report anomalies through notifications on the App associated with the installed system. In the field of security and video surveillance cameras in Chicago, the distinction between analogue cameras and IP cameras is a must:


Analog Cameras

The cameras are capable of recording images in the PAL (Phase Alternating Line) format with a resolution of 576 interlaced lines. This does not allow for clear lines on moving shots (for example in the case of passing vehicles) but the positive side is that the installation costs are quite contained. As often happens, at a reduced price there are lower performances and therefore it must be taken into account that the cheaper versions are unable to return high quality images or audio. In the video field, infrared LEDs can come to the rescue, illuminating portions of space and recording video in the total absence of lighting, thus increasing the performance of the analog camera. Unfortunately it remains, as "against"


IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras

IP cameras are models of wired or wireless video security camera installation in Chicago that can connect to the Internet and save recorded videos on the cloud or on memory cards. Of course, to connect to the network, there must be a suitable predisposition and above all a fast connection because otherwise you risk, on the one hand being able to record videos with clear, high-quality images (HD 1280 × 720 pixels) and on the other, of collide with the reduced capacity of the home ADSL that struggles to transmit images that require a lot of bandwidth remotely. In this case it is better to opt for a camera with lower video resolution. For example, 640 × 480 pixels can be a viable alternative. Choosing a video surveillance system with IP security cameras allows you to find your way around instruments with motion detection: sensors that detect the movements in the area kept under control and that notify via App, messages or e-mail in case of any intrusions or anomalies. This type of camera can be equipped with a passive infrared PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor that allows to measure the infrared rays (IR) radiated by the objects. All objects emit energy in the form of light radiations but they are radiation invisible to the human eye. However, they do not escape the sensors installed security cameras  in modern video-control systems, which can thus work even in the dark.


Intelligent Video Analysis System

In the field of video surveillance systems, video analysis is gaining momentum whose importance is increasing and whose techniques are gradually being refined. But it is necessary to have a clear and truthful idea of ​​what the video analysis can currently do. To avoid charging it with responsibility, which does not reflect its real possibilities? Certainly his contribution is decisive in typical situations:


·         Intrusion in unauthorized areas;

·         The theft or abandonment of suspicious objects;

·         The detection of suspicious persons;

·         Great agitation during public events.

The presence of an operator in charge of control is not always able to highlight and promptly deal with this type of anomaly, so the electronic support of a video analysis system is very welcome. Provided that it is truly intelligent and shows support to the operator, filtering upstream information and events of interest, avoiding as much as possible false alarms. Without a doubt, the advantages of intelligent video analysis are and are presented as:


Reduction of data to be archived: recording only what is really significant saves less useless data;

Time saving: the monitoring of the shooting is easier and allows the operators to deal with a greater area thanks to strategically positioned cameras;

Greater effectiveness: automatic video analysis helps prevent security breaches.


Legal Aspects and Privacy


The offer is very wide and there are do-it-yourself video surveillance systems even in large-scale distribution but, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, it can be a mistake to decide not to rely on an expert because, compared to a lower cost , there is the risk of running into problems in the medium to long term. The installation and maintenance of the home security systems, carried out by a company and by qualified technical personnel, also gives the customer the certainty of always being informed about the regulations in force.


The professionals in fact constantly update themselves both on the new techniques in the field of security and alarms, but also on everything concerning norms and bureaucracy. Being a job that can have very delicate implications ,the possibility of being able to give the best advice to our customers and to know how to keep them calm is a plus to which, at Get Stealth for example, we do not intend to give up.


At the end of the work, the system designer will deliver to the customer a plan on which the points of presence of the security camera systems are indicated and, if it is an installation within a work environment, he will remind the client that, as employer of work owner of the office or company, must report to the Inspectorate of local work, the presence of the video surveillance system by fulfilling the bureaucracy of the case. Not the last one concerning the Privacy which, for some years now, has been regulated by specific laws.


From the privacy point of view, if it is a video control system placed outside the building, the owner must move taking into account some fundamental points:


1.     Signal the cameras with a special billboard, clearly visible and exposed in the beam of action of the cameras;

2. Enter the details of the data collection manager on the billboard;

3.    Place the video recorder in a closed and protected room, access to which is only possible "to the employees”;

4.    Destroy the records every 24 hours using the special software or request the Privacy Guarantor to keep them in the archive for more than a week up to a maximum of 90 days;

5.    Resume vehicle or person passages only inside the property to avoid a crime;

6.    Do not disclose video footage or make it public, for any reason, on social media. The only ones who can use them are the Police Forces, in the event that suspicions are made of illegal activities;

7. You can avoid reporting the installation to the Privacy Guarantor only if the footage is used to protect security and prevent vandalism.


Get Stealth Security Systems has experience to guide you in deciding which is the best solution for your situation and supports you by giving you a "turnkey" system that allows you to move immediately on your own. Since 1990 he installs and manages video surveillance and video control systems for businesses and individuals in Piedmont, Val d'Aosta, Lombardy, Liguria ... and beyond. Contact us for a chat and a free quote.


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