Do we put cameras (also) in the classroom? 5 reasons why it might not be a good idea

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Do we put cameras (also) in the classroom? 5 reasons why it might not be a good idea


Is it a good idea to put cameras in all classes to monitor the lessons?


Sometimes we go back to talking about cameras at school and, specifically, cameras installed right in the classrooms.



A law providing for the security camera installation in each class was about to enter into force in 2019. The text had been approved by the Chamber, but was then stopped the following year by the Senate.


"Camera yes   - camera no" was also a survey on the page of "beautiful proof". You have participated en masse and with great enthusiasm, not limiting yourself to voting, but sharing your opinion with passion.


I take this opportunity to thank you all, especially for the civilization shown in supporting often conflicting ideas. It is difficult to find such a heterogeneous community on Facebook, but also as committed.


The majority showed themselves to be in favor, but I think the time has come to give you my opinion.


We must make a premise: there is already a law that provides for the use of cameras at school. But the current legislation only allows them to monitor the environments, prohibiting them in the classroom, subject to some serious exceptions.


In practice, therefore, what we are discussing is whether it is appropriate to put them in a corner of the class, perhaps on the ceiling, lit and functioning, for the duration of the class hours, in a continuous and ordinary manner.

Personally, unlike the majority, I am NOT in favor.


For at least 5 reasons.


1) First reason: there is no real emergency.


Putting cameras in all classes is likely to be a useless answer to a need created by a media effect. It does not seem appropriate to me to make laws - which, always said incidentally, cost a lot of money - to respond to the emotion rather than meet an actual need.


Put simply: bullying or abuse occurs at school, but it rarely takes on truly worrying proportions.


The school is not a paradise, but in almost all schools the vast majority of teachers know how to keep a class under control, even if they make a big liver like that.


Last year, when there was talk of bullying the facts to ... some friends asked me what was happening at school and they looked at me like a veteran who had escaped the war in Afghanistan. This is because the fact that the images of the bully that threatened the professor were repeated continuously [fig.], Mobilizing the national emergency. But, in my opinion, there was and there is no emergency, except in certain cases and certainly not at a national level.


2) Security Cameras system are an external surveillance element that interferes with an educational purpose.


In practice: if there are no serious situations to monitor, putting everyone under control is useless, if not useless.



On the contrary, the presence of cameras can become an element of interference and disturbance, bringing into the classrooms discussions and tensions that are external to the school.


Let's take a football example. Since using the VAR (Video assistant referee) on the field, there neither is no less fouls and a better game for this… nor has the endless discussions off the field been put an end.


But even if the VAR solves some problems in football, the difference with the school is enormous. Educational work is not a sport and, above all, it is not a show for which you pay the ticket. A school with cameras is just a more controlled school, not a better educational place


3) The context.


The comparison with the VAR, for how much it will make someone's hair stand on end, gives me the inspiration for another opposite reason: the cameras offer images that must be interpreted but that, if they filter out, are fragmented and out of context.


Let's take an example. Remember the famous video of the bully? In particular, they shot two shots (which are still on the Internet), in one you could see a boy who threatened a professor to put him six, in the other a boy who rushed against him with his head down.


A lot was talked about and the prevailing judgment that was circulating was that the professor didn't know how to do his job, because he remained impassive without blinking an eye. Someone even wondered why he hadn't reacted (and even turned some vignettes that imagined the professor giving up a nice slap ...).


I think, on the contrary, that that teacher, who continued to do his job while remaining in class and, above all, keeping calm - just that teacher - would deserve a monument (how about, in parentheses, a monument to the teacher "Unknown" who fights for the homeland every day, often forgotten as a Japanese soldier still at war on the last Pacific island?).


The problem, in judging those images, is that they lent themselves to fomenting spirits but they were all out of context. We didn't know anything about that class. We didn't know anything about those kids and that environment.


In that scene I saw, as a professor, a boy in evident social and relational difficulty in front of a professor who reacts exactly how one should react in such a situation: to stand still and keep the point without making a turn.


4) The security cameras in the classroom are aimed at people, not at an environment.


It is not like putting them at the entrance or in a corridor, or at the entrance to the office or the professors' room. The cameras in the classroom monitor the pupils, i.e. children and adolescents, and above all the professors, i.e. workers while exercising their profession.


Here the matter becomes complicated, because the regulatory complications that protect both the direct filming of minors and workers are lost.


5) Finally: is it not more sensible to invest more in education than in forms of control?


This means having not only better environments, but better teachers. I know it is unpopular to say it, but if there is money for school, it must be used to support more teachers who are already the real supervisors and overseers of the class. If we don't want to pay them more - as it would be right anyway, and now that I have said it, let me have it - then let's work more teachers in classes with fewer students, in more manageable conditions, so that they can better conduct the relationship with their students.


A good teacher is worth more than all the cameras in the world.


Let me know what you think in the comments.


And if you like my videos, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. We will talk about school, religion, theology, culture and all that I am passionate about and that I hope you are passionate about, even if you think differently from me.

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