To Have a Fun-Filled Date Night- Follow 15 Blind Date Tips

by Angela Hester Relationship Expert

Blind dates, Few things strike terror into the hearts of men quite so much When you're going on a date with someone you've never met before — whether that's you met someone on a dating app, a friend of a friend, or a totally blind date. What is she going to look like? It’s normal to be a little nervous and worry that things won't go well. Who’s to say you'll even have an IRL connection with this total stranger? This blind date advice article is an absolute must for the man who keeps getting set up.

Blind Date

1.      Be sure that person knows you and Know the person who is fixing you up

If your matchmaker knows about you, your values, likes and dislikes, they will have a good handle on what would be an awesome blind date. About your proposed meeting communicating with your matchmaker will go a long way towards having a good experience. Be up front and don’t be afraid to ask for a picture or description of your date. The more information you have in the beginning, the better it is in the end.

2.      Start with a phone call.

It is important to talk to your prospective date on the phone Before going out on a blind date, listen to her voice, ask about her background and interests, so when you go on that first date, it’s not in the dark but it’s blind,.


3.      Remember good hygiene.

Though it goes without saying, it’s impossible to be objective with yourself. As a result, you may have a hygiene problem and not know it.


4.      Don’t do too much Googling.

As possible, you want to see as many photos of the person you’re meeting up with and vet their profile against the ‘truth’ of the internet. But if you dig too deep what happens? To learn from the guy directly you might find stuff that would’ve been nice, or you could form an even more skewed perception of who you anticipate him to be. It’s good to do your homework, but don’t overdo it…leave some info to be discovered organically on the date!


5.      Safety first.

Safety is a critical component to adventures what a good survivalist knows. to text a friend is a personal suggestions where you are and even a screenshot of the person you’re meeting up with. Another tip we heard recently was to be careful when disclosing personal details—like your address, for example—because this is still a stranger, and you gotta be careful out there.


6.      Go In With a Positive Attitude

Here’s a blind date advice for you a bit of Grade. With a negative attitude if you go into a blind date, of course that’s going to set you up to have a negative time. Remember that even you can still have a killer time out and about with her if you don’t have romantic intentions toward your date — even if you never see her again. Go into the date with a positive curiosity: even going to have fun You want to learn more about this person, but the two of you don’t hit it off.


7.      Never drink before your date and Limit alcohol intake.

Though nerves can tempt you to take that one calming drink, override that impulse and meet your date with clarity.


8.      Plan an Activity That’s Fun Either Way

To have a good time plan an activity that you enjoy, even if the two of you don’t hit it off — that you both enjoy., ask your mutual acquaintance Before you plan the date what type of shared activities the two of you might enjoy. before you decide where to go Get a list of at least three things the two of you will like doing together. Then pick the one you think has the greatest potential to be fun for both of you, even if it ends up being the most awkward date you’ve ever been on. And speaking of awkward…

9.      Have fun.

Find something interesting and new for both of you. From your phone conversations, you already have a heads up about her interests, likes and dislikes.


10.  Be authentic.

To be the real if you allow yourself, then that second date will be because she likes you.


11.  Be positive.

Nobody likes a curmudgeon.


12.  Don’t control.

Don’t be possessive, and don’t manipulate. On a first date Women listen for that, and it is often their number one red flag.


13.  Set a Time Limit

A rescue ring is just poor form. As the guy who had a friend, do you want to become known? call him and made up then some lame excuse to bail? Even if the two of you aren’t hitting it off, Of course not. So instead, that has a set time limit to plan an activity. As an example let’s use miniature golf: It’s an activity, but one that has a defined end to it. On the other hand, if you want to keep the night going and if it’s going well the two of you can hit up the go-karts or bounce to a bar. Remember that a set time limit doesn’t have to mean the end of your night — but it can if you need it to.


14.  Be Your Best Self, No Matter How Bad It Goes

Here’s the thing: Even the worst date you’ve ever been on, you still want to be your best self. In the first case, taking the high road you’re never going to regret. What’s more, people talk about the dates they go on. Maybe she’ll say you’re lame, Maybe she’ll say you’re boring. It does about you than that says more about her. However, if she says about your behavior or you were rude on something else, that’s going to reflect poorly on you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get set up on blind dates again or not. You should always be a gentleman. Contact The Art of Charm today for additional blind date advice and tips. As a reflection of a generous heart Women read generosity. For example, be generous with your feelings, be open, share your story, listen to hers... and pick up the bill.


15.  Dress for success.

Put on something that you like, you’re comfortable in, and that you don’t have to think about once you walk out the door. You emote confidence when you feel good about yourself, rather than insecurity and neediness.

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