Things to Keep in Mind before Going on a Blind Date

by Angela Hester Relationship Expert

Perhaps you have recently decided to take the bull at the horns and start dating again. Perhaps you have not been dating so much much earlier, or maybe you've decided it's high time to start dating again after a separation. Whatever the reason, it may be tricky to know who to go out with and how to find someone to date. Going on a Blind date is a great way to meet new friends and maybe also a date. Is there anything special that is good to think about before going blind date

Who do you want to meet on your date?

It may sound romantic, but it can actually be a top idea to sit down and think carefully about who you really want to date. Make a list. Think about what you liked in your previous relationship and what you did not like. Of course, all people are different, but it may still be good to get an insight into what really is looking for. Do you want a life mate, or just a friend? What happens if there are children in the picture? What do you think of age difference? The questions are many and only you can answer them.

What was that that did not work in your last relationship?

It may also be helpful to investigate yourself and really find out what was not working in your previous relationship. It's easy to blame the other party, but it might still have something to do with yourself. Before you begin dating it is clearly good to know about this so that you do not make the same mistake again ... and again. Obviously, you may not just fit each other; you might think differently and go to different parts of your life? Perhaps you simply grew apart? Whatever the reason, you were clearly not meant for each other. Imagine there may be an opinion with everything. Perhaps it is now that you will find your great love. 

Why choose to go blind date?

The reason that it's so good to go on a blind date is to have no idea at all about the other person's appearance. At the same time, it makes it so exciting. When you meet someone on other occasions, it's the look that controls a lot, but that's so good to get away from. If you can feel attractive with someone without meeting, you have already come to a great deal. That's how one can find true love and not just feeling an attraction. It is incredibly good and rewarding to, for example, chat anonymously with each other before you meet, just to get an idea of the other person. You may know directly that it is completely wrong and then it is unnecessary to move on in that relationship and then there will be no dating this time. It is so incredibly important that it feels right on this plan, before deciding to actually date. 

Go on blind date with open mind:

You will be incredibly nervous before your first blind date. You will have butterflies in your stomach like never before. What is most important, however, is that you go blind day with open mind. The nerves will calm down after a while, but never met preconceived sentences. Also, think that two people do not have to fit together just because they share the same interests. The same applies to the opposite. It definitely does not have to be driven just because you have completely different interests. It's always fun with something new in life and maybe your interests will be your partner too. Otherwise, you simply have to make sure that you respect each other's time to chill with what you like. However, it often happens that, as a couple, you find new interests together and it is incredibly beautiful. 

Dare to trust someone again:

What stops many from starting dating is that you find it hard to trust someone again. Perhaps the previous relationship ended in chaos and you have difficulty understanding how to trust someone in such a way and be so deceived. It's perfectly ok to feel so. It would be strange if you did not. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be dating your former partner. You will now meet a whole new person who deserves your trust. You must try to let go and dare to trust people again, how difficult it is. 

Children included in the picture:

If there are children in the picture, then it's likely another reason you have not been dating for a while. It is completely understandable. You do not just have to think about it anymore. The many parents do not realize is that the children are happier if the parent is happy. If you meet someone you really like, it will not be a problem. Maybe new bonuses are coming to your kids, and this is actually everyday today. It's no wonder. If you are feeling good yourself, then your loved ones who are around you also feel good. If you decided to start dating there is a lot to think about. You're sure you really want to try to find the great love this time. But where should you turn? There is a risk that you have just gone through all the dating sites that are online only. It's hard to know who are serious and who are good. There is a jungle out there medalla online blind dating for singles, but one of the dating sites that are very good is They have been around for 20 years and have many happy marriages behind them. Here you can anonymous chat with someone who can be interesting to meet on a blind date. A big good luck!

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