Most Common Online Dating Mistakes Done on the First Date

by Angela Hester Relationship Expert

Online Dating is always a tricky game, especially when one doesn’t have much idea about the prospective match. You might have come across with instances where your date would have left you in the middle of the meeting or the date disappears after the first meeting is over leaving you to think what went wrong.


There are multiple things that you may think about and can reason out about the mistakes done on the first date itself. Whether advertently or otherwise, there are certain things done which hampers your chances of getting the second date with your prospective match. Sometimes, it’s just a lack of chemistry, mismatched interests or short of common views that makes the first date dampen.


Following are a few of the first date disasters that can happen to you or you may have experienced only to let you confuse further:


-          Don’t start before the actual date starts: So, you have finally got a date and are ready for the first meeting. But, before even making any airy castles, don’t start to stalk online through Facebook or start Googling about him/her. There are instances where you can even find some information. However, what’s the point in getting all the information beforehand? This actually makes all things more probable and thereby making the whole enthusiasm of meeting fizzles. Also, there are dating sites like which offers complete and profiles of prospective dates where you can find all the relevant information.


-          Leave the gadgetry behind: It is customary when meeting someone, one should have to be physically as well as mentally present. The same applies to dating also. Don’t check or fiddle with your phone frequently. There is no point in meeting in-person with your date and be not paying attention to him/her.


-          Reach on time: Timing is an important factor. This is especially true in case of online dating. When you fix a meeting in-person with your prospective date, try to be punctual and reach the chosen venue on time. offers a feature to chat online and decide a suitable venue for your first date.


In case if you are getting late, just inform right away so as to make things easier for the other. Additionally, if you are not able to reach on time even for the date, this ultimately shows poor time management skills.


-          Don’t over-indulge in drinking: Offering to drink is considered courtesy. However, over-indulging in drinks give a bad impression to the date. Moreover, no one wants to just a part of the date till the drinks started. Worse than this, it may give a bad impression to your date about the drinking issues you may have.


Online dating sites like has a feature where its users are required to provide information about the preferences about drinking. This actually gives information about the personal preferences like social drinker or a more regular.


-          Order food without date’s consent: It is wise to ask for his or her choice when ordering for any meals or lunch or dinner. If it’s a dinner date. It gives a negative impression on you if you place an order without his/her consent. Additionally, since it’s your first date, you may not have an idea about the food preferences. Sites like also have a section where one can fill his/ her food preferences too.


-          Behave properly: Losing your cool over restaurant or bar staff is a big no. It actually shows one weak point in the behavior. Moreover, it is always embarrassing to know you being rude and how you treat others. This ultimately gives an impression about the behavioral issues you have.


-          Over-sharing information: For the first date, it’s better to share your likes, dislikes, things that interest you and your viewpoints. One must not have to over-share any information especially about you previous dates or exes or about your addiction or legal/ criminal background. It’s better to stay away from such dates. Moreover, it gives an impression about your desperation of getting into a relationship.


Hope that you may have found a few of the above-said issues resembles your case. If not, you may sound lucky to know the mistakes which one usually does on the first date. Keep these in mind, be ready to get lucky with your prospective matches.

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