Tips to Prepare Your Car Tyres for the Freezing Winter

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In countries with harsh winters, car tyres often take the brunt of the worsening road conditions. 

For a person who loves to take their car for a drive or a spin even with a temperature dip, maintaining tyres for the winter is essential. Maintaining a car tyre translates to optimising car safety.

Winter-proofing the vehicle is essential to save thousands of dollars down the line and look after passenger and driver safety. With the changing seasons, the tyres undergo severe changes and here are some winter preparation tips for your car tyre.
Do Not Overlook Checking Tyre Pressure At Intervals

The tyre's air pressure level is crucial, and its optimum level is what makes your ride a smooth one. With the decrease in temperature, a drop is noticed in the air pressure level too. This can be dangerous; uneven pressure can cause uneven wearing of the wheels. Not only does it increase the chances of a blowout, but it can cause unforeseen issues with the brake.

Always make sure to check the Buy Tyres Derby pressure more than regular before venturing out during winters. Uneven pressure inside the tyres can make driving difficult. With every 10 degrees decrease in temperature, your car tyres can lose up to one pound per square inch. Check tyre pressure after every 25 or 30 days. Contact a mechanic when air pressure decreases and avoid driving when such an alarming issue persists.

Pay Attention To Car Tread Depth For Better Performance

There are higher chances of the car skidding and causing an accident as traction will be less with snow. Better grip is only possible when the tread is deeper to hold on to the ice. Pay attention to the vehicle tyre tread and replace them as soon as you see they have smoothened or have worn out.

While living in harsh winter climates, it is better to go for a tyre with a 3mm tread depth or above. With less grip on the road, the chances of accidents increase manifold. Observe to see if the wear is concentrated on the tread centre while the sides are less worn out. This could be a sign of over-inflation, while more worn-out edges mean low pressure.

Swapping Tyres With Winter Recommended Ones

With lots of snow and ice, driving with summer tyres will not be in your best interest. Changing or swapping the tyres with winter ones ensures safety. Winter tyres come with greater tread depth, and they are equipped with metal fragments, too, which offer a better grip on poor roads.

Winter tyre rubbers are often more rigid, whereas summer tyres with all the season changes can go soft. The tread pattern of the winter tyres is known to collect snow to offer a better grip. The rotation between the winter tyres and the summer ones could often increase their longevity.  

Be Aware Of Tyre Damage Signs

Winters are known to be harsh not just for you but for your tyres as well. The low air pressure or the drop in temperature with every passing day can do quite a bit of damage to your car tyres.

Checking tyre pressure and tread depth is not enough; you have to look out for any puncture or split. You have to be extra mindful of how you are taking preventive measures for your Dunlop Tyres Derby during the winter.

Never forget to carry a spare tyre of the same size and equal tread depth for emergencies. If you do not have space in your car, store the extra tyres properly in your garage. Tyres should be rotated every 8,000 to 10,000 miles. Get your vehicle tyres serviced before winter sets in and carry emergency supplies like a puncture repair kit. Maintaining all these winter tyre safety tips will offer safety to loved ones and also extend tyre life.

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