Tips to Prepare Your Wood Fired Hot Tub for Winter

by Mudassar Ali Tourist and Writer!

It is a misconception that wood fired hot tubs are only effective for use during the summer. As the name suggests, 'hot tub,' it is easy to understand that these tubs are good for use during the summer season, not for winter. Interestingly, this is a false belief that many buyers think. It is also a prime reason why many people avoid buying a hot tub.

A wood-fired tub is good for use all around the year. Hence, you don't need to restrict its use for a specific season. However, it's essential to prepare it for the winter season. After your summer season is migrating into the winters, it's important to prepare your wood-fired tub for the winters. Don't worry; here are the four crucial steps that you must follow to maintain your tub.

Step 1: Drain Water: 

During winter, it's important to start by draining the water. Not every winter is the same. Some places have chilly temperatures, and your pipes have ice blocks that expand during the winter causing huge damage to your tub. When you prepare your wood-fired tub for the winters/summers, it's always recommended to remove all the water from your tub. Ensure you open all hose pipes to remove every single drop of water from the tub and its connecting pipes.

There are multiple vessels for the air massage system that needs to be clear out before cleaning your tub.

Step 2: Blow Air in Tiny Holes: 

Now it's time to pass air in all pipes and tiny holes; this will ensure all the pipes are free from water and no blockage is present anymore. Make sure you find all the pipes in your tub and pass air through them. The air inlet will also remove every single droplet in the tub.

Step 3: Clean the Tub Walls: 

After all, pipes are free from water, it's time to start the cleaning process. You can start cleaning its walls made of fibreglass. Make sure you don't put extra pressure on the walls that may develop hairline cracks on them. 

Step 4: Check for Connections: 

Before filling the tub, check all air and water connections in the wood-fired tub that ensure the proper functioning of your tub. You must check for any repairs and do it accordingly. If you are sure about the proper working of all the attached components, you can start the water filling process and start enjoying it.

After every bath, you are recommended to keep the cloth bags with bicarbonate of soda. Post-bath, you can insert the bags in your tub that work as a deodorizer. These bags are highly effective in absorbing humidity. With this, you can keep your wood-fired tub smell-free and long-lasting.

Additional TIP:

Before starting the tub cleaning process, you must ensure the heater is cooled down, and you can operate it easily. Avoid running the cleaning process soon after the heater is used. Further, you should not keep your wood-fired tub empty for more than 48 hours. Keeping it empty for long can degrade its quality.

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