How to Fix a Flat Tyre on Your Own?

by Trackside Centre Best Car Tyres Derby
Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre is indeed very troublesome. Although some tyres can cover a short distance with a flat tyre, it is suggested not to do so. You never know what further damage or risk it might bring in the run. Such are the times when you must get the tyres replaced at the earliest. However, it is not always necessary that you will find a garage or a tyre fitter at your location. Therefore, you must know how to fix a flat tyre of your vehicle. It might look like a big deal but fret not. It is an easy five-step procedure. In this blog, you will learn how to efficiently fix the flat tyre of your vehicle on your own.

Repairing A flat tyre

  • Repairing a tyre is efficient however, you must know the duties of a vehicle owner in such circumstances. For that, you must follow the listed below pointers: 
  • The most important role of a responsible vehicle owner is to park the vehicle at a safe place, a location that does not block the way of others. 
  • Do not drive any further as you might as well damage the rim of the Michelin tyres Derby

You must switch on the hazard lights when you park the vehicle and wear a reflective jacket as well. 

Put the hazard signboard at an angle that is visible to the bypassers. 

Now that you are all set, take out your tyre repairing kit, and let us get started. 

Step 1: Preparing The Vehicle

It is crucial that you de-board all the passengers from the vehicle as the weight might be compromising the rim and the wheel, entirely. Pull the handbrake and reach your repairing kit to get the sealant and the compressor. 

Step 2: Locating The Puncture

Carefully inspect the tyre to find the puncture. In case you find the sidewall to be damaged, with a hole of 4 mm or more, you will need to get to a garage as the tools in the kit won’t work on that. Such are the times when you have to replace the tyre set. However, if you find a nail or a piece of glass stuck in the tyre, let it remain there as removing it can increase the size of the hole. 

Step 3: Connecting The Tyre

Although most repair kits need all the sealants to squeeze in the tyres, there are adapters available as well. For that, you will have to remove the valve from the tyre using an adapter. Now attach the sealant and the compressor to the valve. You can use a cigarette lighter to plug in the compressor. Roll the car a little further to ensure the insertion has happened properly.

Step 4: Pumping Up The Tyre

Before pumping up the tyre, make sure the vehicle gear is neutral. Turn the compressor on by starting the engine. Now inflate the tyres within the recommended air pressure limits, as per the user manual.

Step 5: Replacing The Tyre

Now that the cheap tyres derby is successfully inflated, and fit in the vehicle, drive down to the nearest garage and let the experts fit the tyre appropriately. Do not drive at high speed or long distance with a self fitted tyre. It is only a backup and running further distance can be risky.  

Fixing a flat tyre is no big deal if one performs the steps appropriately. However, you must understand that fixing the tyre on your own is only a backup plan to get you out from the middle of nowhere. It is always recommended to reach the nearest garage and get the repairs to avoid the possibility of risks and damages. 

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