Tips to Make Your Foreign Road Trip a Breeze

by Jessica Merrel Writer

There’s no substitute for a road trip when it comes to exploring a city/country. The role a road trip can play in discovering a place cannot be overstated. Some of the most memorable voyages can only take place by car. However, a road trip on foreign soil requires more planning that just packing a bag that this article aims to highlight.

No matter it is your first time hitting the road or you’ve gone on a few adventures before, the following tips will stand any road tripper in good stead.

Documents to carry for the rental car- A successful road trip depends heavily on the car you choose to travel in. Select a reputable company for your car. Most acclaimed car rental companies want an international driver’s license France, which you are eligible for if you are an adult of at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license. This crucial piece of document is a translation of your government issued driver's license into eight languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese) designed to be simple to use and easy to understand for both the English and non-English speaker. This document will save you from any legal trouble abroad. Carry your credit card as most companies prefer credit to debit cards. Do not forget to check the visa situation.

Though these documents aren’t directly related to the road trip itself, however, make sure all these are in place to make your foreign road trip a breeze.

Rent a car with GPS- This is a no-brainer. A car without GPS can make the whole experience worrisome. On foreign land, a GPS is a must-have. You’d be at ease knowing a robotic voice is there to guide you about the turns to take. Make sure the GPS is working properly before you depart.

Take the path less traveled- It’s often the path less traveled that leads to the discovery of some real gems. Instead of the conventional main roads, take the back roads and plan a route that goes through small towns. If you are not feeling the urge to take some spontaneous turns, you can motivate yourself by searching for someplace to eat (your GPS can help locate nearby restaurants, hotels, etc.). This will give you a purpose to take a path less trodden.

Become aware of the local road systems- Directional road signs can be confusing when traveling abroad without any prior knowledge as you might be alien to the language spoken there. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics of the local road systems and ways the main roads are numbered. A good thing about a road trip in Europe through multiple countries is that the currency’s the same.

Don’t forget the supermarkets- As you’ve hit the road, you must stock up on road trip snacks. This is where the supermarkets come into the picture where you can lay your hands on food that’s interesting and low-priced. Choose from the various flavors and options in chips, biscuits, and fruits.

Your plans should be flexible- Hiring a private car rather than relying on public transport obviously means you wish to travel at your own pace without any sort of restrictions. A schedule planned to the last minute can be a downer, so steer clear of it. There might be places along the way that will catch your fancy, a rigid schedule won’t let you experience it. If you don’t keep your plans flexible, you’ll most definitely miss opportunities of experiencing new things, new places, and different cultures.

For a perfect road trip next time,

1.   Select a proper destination (safe enough to go on a road trip),

2.   Decide how long the trip is going to be for,

3.   Choose a proper time of the year,

4.   Plan the route you are going to be taking at your choice of destination,

5.   Have a discussion with your travel companions before embarking on the journey (road trip),

6.   Booking a proper accommodation is integral to road tripping,

7.   Create a playlist for the road,

8.   There should be adequate snacks for you and your gang to munch on,

9.   Pack light while going on a trip.

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