Tips To Grow Your Amazon Sales Via Social Media Platforms

by Shubham Yadav Digital Marketing Expert

As almost everyone already knows that social media network has created its own mini world where we might be closer to a person sitting on the opposite side of the globe than the one sitting right next to us. This opportunity has opened new doors for marketers to target a huge amount of audience with the comfort of their homes. Amazon, on the other hand, has successfully established itself as the ‘Google for E-commerce’ market. Most of the people who want to purchase anything online or offline search on Amazon even before Google. This opens new doors for e-commerce retailers to promote their products, listed on Amazon, on social media channels. So, I would like to share some specific and actionable ideas to reap the maximum benefits of the same.

It will not be wrong to say if we consider social media as a ‘virtual’ world or a ‘mini’ world in itself, in the present scenario. It is a platform where you can get in touch with a person on the other part of the globe instantly. Even it is possible with social media to be closer with the person sitting in the next corner of the world as compared to a person living next door.

On one hand, the above-mentioned characteristic of social media has become a major source to make new friends; on the other hand, it has provided the opportunities to the marketers to target a massive amount of audiences at the comfort of their homes. It has started a new genre of marketing, which is social media marketing. The social media marketing is done in association with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process, in which the work is done to increase the visibility of a website on the search engines like Google or Bing.

Social media marketing and SEO are used widely to increase sales. But, there are the platforms, which have made their own strong base that it will not be wrong to the competitors of SEO and social media campaigns. Amazon is the big name in this regard without any second thought. It is the brand, which has established itself as “Google for E-Commerce”.

A trend has already been started according to which a number of people like to search Amazon before Google when they have to purchase anything online or offline.

This trustworthiness of Amazon gives a golden opportunity to the retailers whose products are listed on Amazon. If the products listed on Amazon are shared on social media sites, it undoubtedly adds a cherry on the cake.

When the name of Amazon and social media marketing services are combined, they give your products a unique promotion. When someone finds the link to some product(s) available on Amazon, he/she is instantly attracted towards it. The posts containing these products are shared a lot on social media websites.

But, still, you need a strategical approach to get the best out of social media for increasing your Amazon sales. You have to make sure that your products should be reached to your target audiences. You have a number of options for that such as hashtags according to relevant audiences for your products or services, social media ad targeting and a lot more.

Below, you will read some techniques for social media marketing for Amazon sales, which will definitely be helpful for the business that you are running on social media sites.

1. Select the Social Media Platform

There are different social media platforms available today, among which the popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, IGTV and Pinterest. Which you are required to select depends upon the type of your business. Some of the aspects, which you can consider in this regard include:

  • Know that your target audiences prominently belong to which age group. After knowing this, extract the data from the web about how many individuals of different age groups are using which social media sites.
  • Similarly, choose the platform that is used widely in the nation or the region where your target audiences live. Thereafter, search for the data about the percentage of the usage of each social media site in every country or region.
  • Sometimes, social media sites gain popularity among a particular gender, either male or female. It doesn’t mean that the site is restricted to male or female, but it just means the percentage of a specific gender is higher. This is also needed to find out if your product is relevant to a specific gender. For example, if you are selling the women’s clothing on Amazon then you are definitely required to work on the platform, which is being used by women. It will help you in getting the relevant audiences for your products.
  • Understand which can be the best platform for the promotion of your product according to the nature of the product you are selling.
  • Check the features of all the social media sites and decide which features will be the best suitable according to your product.
  • Also check, which types of posts are helpful for your business. As a matter of fact, distinct platforms provide different ways of posting. Facebook facilitates almost every type of posts; Instagram and Pinterest are the image-centric platforms; YouTube and IGTV are video-centric platforms; Twitter is best for the short messages known as tweets along with pictures; and LinkedIn is for the professional posts.

These are some of the aspects, which you can consider for understanding which is the best platform according to your needs. You can also choose more than one social media site also as per your requirements. Let’s have a look at some of the available statistics in 2019, which may be helpful for you to take the decision about the selection of appropriate social media network.

  • Pinterest is more popular with women. As an estimate, 41% of women and 16% of men say that they use Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn is widely popular among college graduates and high-income households.
  • Instagram and Twitter are popular among Americans with age 18 to 29.
  • A majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube.

This is some of the data researched by Pew Research Center. Some more statistics can be found by this organization as well as some other firms like statista.

2. Work for Brand Awareness and Build a Brand Voice

Your social media campaigns should not be limited to selling the products, but they have the goal of brand awareness and building a unique voice of the brand. It is helpful for your business in the long term.

This is true that you are selling the products on Amazon, which itself is a brand, but you are also required to build an individual identity of your brand. Remember that hundreds of brands are active on Amazon, which is why there is a huge competition. If you are successful in building your unique identity, your customers will be multiplied to a number of times. Many of the customers will like to search for your brand on Amazon instead of searching for a product. There are a number of customers who like to buy the product from some specific brands once they start trusting some.

In the long run, this brand awareness will also help you in getting a lot of customers, on your website or via the social media selling features available today.

3. Give Tips to Customers

This is true that social media is a great source to increase sales, but you will not be able to attract the customers every time if you always add the post with the purpose of selling some product. Also, give some tips to the customers time to time-related to the product or the industry you are dealing in. For instance, if you sell vacuum cleaners, then you can provide the tips for cleanliness, how to use the vacuum cleaner, and more.

This is the technique that works for the usual sales as well as the Amazon sales. In addition to the tips, you can also add the link to some Amazon product or your Amazon page.

You can give tips to customers via written content, infographics, demonstrative images, and videos. The videos are getting widely popular today on social media sites because you can give the visual or live demonstrations through them.

4. Target to Drive Traffic on Your Amazon Page

Targeting is the prominent aspect when it comes to marketing. Targeting some goals helps you in making the right strategy for your businesses. When you have to increase traffic, you are required to target your Amazon page while sharing the posts on the social media pages. Share the links of your Amazon page as well as your product pages on Amazon.

You can also go for social media advertising, which can help you in this regard. Social media advertising provides a unique targeting option. We will discuss this social media advertising in the next point.

5. Use Social Media Advertising Option Especially Facebook

You would have heard about the PPC (Pay Per Click) methods, in which you can advertise your page, and you are charged per click. Conventionally, this method has been popular on search engines like Google and Bing.

But today, the social media PPC method is very much in the limelight. This method is very inexpensive, and it can help you in the promotion of anything.

In social media advertising, you sponsor a post, which is displayed in the news feeds of the target audiences. However, most of the social media platforms are offering this option, but it is getting widely popular on Facebook nowadays.

Facebook Ads provides a unique targeting option in which you can target the audiences according to their age, gender, location, interests, and behavior. In the Facebook profiles, the users like some pages; react to some activities; enter their age, gender, and location; and get involved in a lot of things. All this is more than enough to tell about them.

On the other hand, when you purchase Facebook advertising, you get the option to select your target audiences according to the above-mentioned criteria. You sponsor or promote the posts of your business page, which are displayed in the news feeds of the relevant audiences. There are two ways to advertise the posts on Facebook. First, you can sponsor a specific post. Another option is that you can promote the most recent posts for a specific time span.

When you are going to increase Amazon posts through Facebook or any other social media site, it is the best option to sponsor the posts with links to your Amazon page or some product on Amazon.

This will benefit your campaigns in different ways:

  • Your post will be displayed in the news feeds of the audiences who are interested in a specific product available on Amazon.
  • There may be a number of audiences who have liked Amazon’s page. Your post can appear in the news feeds of those audiences.
  • When Amazon’s product will be displayed in the news feeds of the people, it will give a unique impact.

Apart from sponsoring the posts with the link to your products on Amazon or the Amazon pages, also don’t forget to include the educative posts with tips, awareness about the industry and a lot more.

6. Keep on Sharing Consistently

This may seem to be a basic thing but still a very significant aspect. You are required to share the posts consistently. When your posts or tweets are shared or retweeted, they get the exposure to more and more audiences.

When the post consists of Amazon’s link, the chances of sharing are increased up to a great extent. If you make the post interesting and also add the tips-based post along with Amazon’s links, then the chances of sharing are increased to multiple times.

7. Consider Amazon’s Social Media Network — Amazon Spark

Amazon Spark is a social media network launched by and for Amazon. The network has been inspired by Instagram and Pinterest and has a “feed” format. Most of the stuff on Spark is, but there are the sponsored posts also.

Amazon Spark is being proved to have high conversation rates for Amazon businesses. Many of the users log on the Spark because they want to purchase the product on Amazon. Besides, the products can be bought right on the Spark platform.

Amazon Spark is less popular as a social media platform as yet as compared to the other platforms, but it is for sure that it cannot be overlooked. It provides you a new way to increase your sales.

To Sum Up

By using the above-mentioned methods, you can increase your Amazon sales up to a great extent through social media sites. There are many more ways, which you can explore on the internet. It is for sure that the blend of Amazon and social media will be perfect for influencing potential customers.

Originally published on Tips To Grow Your Amazon Sales Via Social Media Platforms

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