Tips to Choose Quality Cloud Security Solutions

by Kanwar Preet Kaur Digital Marketing Executive
When your applications or data used to be only hosted in the on-site data center, you would have to be concerned about traditional security measures. However, with most data and applications moving to the cloud, cloud security solutions have suddenly become very important. 

Tech professionals today are paying more attention on deploying proper cloud security solutions to ensure that data in the cloud is secure. A comprehensive collection of security solutions, deep visibility and guarantee of real-time compliance are few of the criteria for considering cloud security solutions. You will find there are many providers which offer apparently similar features and make the same claims. But, you need raw data to make any real comparison. You have to ask questions and keep investigating for facts which vendors may not be willing to disclose. These are some of the factors which you should definitely evaluate before you choose a cloud security solutions provider.

  • One of the first things that you need to verify is the number of years the provider has been in the business of providing cloud security solutions. So, you need to check their client base and ensure that they have the means and capabilities to support your business just the way you want it supported.
  • While many providers may tell you that they their plans are highly scalable, you need to be sure yourself because the measure of scalability may vary from one vendor to the next. So, it is important to find out whether they can guarantee instant scalability. You must also inquire about the biggest DDoS attacks which they have handled deftly.
  • Your job is to make sure that the cloud security services provider can also offer fully-integrated solutions which are spread across a huge network of servers that are globally distributed and backed by automation and data-driven algorithms.
  • The cloud security solutions provider should also have the global traffic volumes to produce meaningful intelligence. They should be in a position to use this accumulated knowhow to benefit the whole client base before they are actually attacked. Ideally, they should be using an all-inclusive Big Data analytical engine for identifying any attacker that is likely to have an effect on other customers. 
  • You need to know which sources the provider uses for assigning reputation scores to IP addresses. There are few Dedicated IP reputation solutions which may have different degrees of quality and these may use binary risk scores instead of range of scores according to malicious activities that take place over time.
  • Being able to interpret accuracy claims from various WAF or web application firewall vendors is not going to be an easy task. You need to measure two vendors with the same tests to be able to compare between them. so, your task it find out exactly what has been tested, who have been tested and how many of these tests have been used to come to the final results.
  • It is important to keep tweaking and fin-tuning the regulations to stay updated with the constantly growing traffic. So, the cloud vendor you choose should ideally be testing the infrastructure from time to time.
  • You must also inquire whether the cloud vendor’s SLA makes commitments towards quality of mitigation, speed or simply response times. You will find that most cloud security solutions providers will be able to respond to crisis in a matter of minutes but this may only be limited to investigation. Mitigation which is guaranteed by contracts is a tangible metric that you may use for comparing protections more precisely.

You will also find that there are many cloud security solutions providers which claim to offer round the clock supports for their solutions. Your task is to inquire about their locations and how well they are staffed. No solution will be 100% accurate and effective but when the tools you are using have the same technology or hardware, chances are these will have loopholes when the hardware is compromised. The best solution is therefore to place the best technologies one above the other to prevent any vulnerabilities.

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