Tips To Building A Basic Travel Wardrobe

by Sulit Retails Owner
Packing can be a bit frustrating especially when you are a  is regular Traveler. Regular travelers can easily fall into a packing routine while combining a fashion sense and a travel style along with all the Essentials required for the trip. As time goes by you develop your very own travel wardrobe formula which is suitable for almost any destination and climatic conditions. To give you a head start on how to build your very own basic travel wardrobe, we give you some amazing tips on how to go about packing stylishly and efficiently on your own.

Pack for just a week:

When you plan on packing for a trip, you don't have to backup all of your things from your closet. Just pack the basic stuff that you will require for your travel as this will simplify the process of packing. The basic rule is to do all of your packing for just a week. However, if you plan on traveling for more than a week, then seek out the option of doing laundry for the items that you have packed.

Never pack in bulk:

Always make sure that you do not pack heavy bulky layers. Just pack thin multiple layers of your requirements. This ensures more versatility. 

Make sure that you pick the right fabrics for travel:

It is always best that you pack like clothing for your travel. Woolen clothing a great at repelling smells and regulating and maintaining body temperature, though the material may be heavy and weighing down. Whereas synthetic clothing is not so great at repelling body odor, but it is good at absorbing the sweat from the body and maintaining a cool temperature.

Match your clothing during packing itself:

Make sure that the color palette of your clothing is well matched at the time of parking itself so that you don't have to bother about what to wear and which colors would match together. This would save you a lot of time as all of your clothes are already well matched. Keep the color palette of your clothing simple and leave out the more vibrant and brighter colors in your closet.


Sunglasses one of the main essentials that you should pack first.  Sunglasses Protect your eyes Against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun, as well as it protects your eyes against cancer and the formation of dark circles. 

Adapt your Essentials to your destination and travel style:

Plan all of your essentials and outfits according to the place that you plan to travel to as well as your traveling style. Plan in such a way that you have a solution for every kind of potential problems that might arise during your travel. Don't bother what others might think about you,  just pack what you think you would require from your travel.

Pack Essentials that are durable and will last longer:

Make sure that you pack lighter and a smaller number of essentials which are known to be durable and long lasting. Do not pack things which are cheap and cannot stand the test of time. Do not worry about the cost of getting a durable thing for your capsule wardrobe, but make sure that what you buy will last longer and will remain in style. 


Always make sure that you carry your cameras along with sufficient extra batteries and rolls of film to capture the beauty of the moment and your planned trip, for a lifetime.  Cameras are a must-have essential for every traveler.


Always pack an extra pair of socks for regular changes especially if your trip involved in a lot of trekking or walking. Choose good quality woolen socks that will fit snugly and stay up strong. Pack socks which are suitable for all occasions, such as the calf high hiking socks, thin ankle athletics socks, thick and sturdy socks, etc.


Always make sure that you pack lots of underwear that keeps you comfortable for your entire travel trip. Choose underwear with are capable of repelling odors, dry quickly and repel sweat. Pack underwear, which is smooth and soft to the skin so that you can prevent rashes and itchiness, and skin allergies during your travel. 
Building your very own basic travel wardrobe is a worthwhile investment for both local travelers as well as frequent International travelers. Building a wardrobe that contains all the basics and enables you to travel light without having to decide what you have packed or forgotten to pack.

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