8 Brilliant Travel Innovations That Could Change How We Travel

by Sulit Retails Owner

A lot has changed since the 80’s & 90’s, same is the case with travel essentials. The essentials nowadays we carry are lot different than of our grandpa’s. We have evolved a lot since then, so did our preferences and essentials. Now we can avail a lot more comfort and convenience. These days we can buy ray ban sunglasses online Nike shoes online and what not. Everything is available for us online. Life has certainly become easily than ever, Thanks to the innovations. So today we present to you 8 brilliant travel innovations that can change how we travel -:


E-luggage or electronic luggage allows you to keep a watch at your essentials by the means of your mobile phone. This electronic luggage has a bag-tag and a mobile application, the app allows the access to the bag as it tells the owner where his bag exactly is. It also allows you to check the bag. Any suspicious element can be recognized easily. This would be really convenient to the passengers as they will be able to easily find out where their luggage is, in case if it goes missing.

The Pilot

This device is basically a language translator which translates the foreign languages in your language. This way you are able to understand what the other person is saying or talking in their language. Although they would not understand what you are saying in your language, so for a smooth conversation other person must also have the pilot translator so that he can understand you as well.


If you love travelling from present to past, this application is certainly for you. It is a virtual application, it has an association with various famous landmarks, and so whenever you visit one of these landmarks, you can view what it was like in that location 750 years ago in that application. It is much like time travel which allows you to see what a particular place was like 750 years ago.


Globe touch is an application through which you can use the same sim card in the foreign countries as well, there is no need to swap or change it. Your contacts will stay intact with you even in the foreign country. You just have to download the application, switch it on when you arrive at your destination and top up smartphone’s credit on the application. You will be allowed the access of your numbers, files etc. Much convenient right?

VR Goggles

VR Goggles or Virtual goggles are one of the means through which we can travel virtually. Although some people believe it is a replacement for an actual travel. VR Goggles are good for things like taking a view of your hotel room without even actually visiting there so it saves time and a person can decide whether they want to stay in that hotel or not.

Bitcoins ATM

Just in case you are out of cash or credit at some moment somewhere, don’t worry! BitcoinATM’s are here to watch your back. You can withdraw your credit in the form of cash from these ATM’s. All you have to do is enter your phone number, pin and scan your palm.


If you love riding bikes, snowboards, surfboard etc. you don’t have to go by the choice of the foreign rental agencies, you can list your equipment and it will be made available to you by spinlister. You will be charged genuine prices and you can surf or snowboard on the vehicle of your choice.

Gunner eyewear

These are advanced type of eyewear which automatically adjusts its vision when you are operating a gadget, walking in the sun, snow or anywhere. They help protecting the eyes from effects that can happen during the travel. It is a good gadget to have while travelling.

You can avail all these facilities through the means of Internet. These days you can buy everything over it, from buying camera backpack online to buying stylish sunglasses, internet has provided us the access of everything. 

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