Tips for Good Copywriting

by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix
Now that you’ve learned the importance of content for your business website, you can start dedicating efforts towards creating content that is quality and relevant to your target audience. But that really isn’t all to it when it comes to writing. There are some pointers you need to keep in mind whenever you write copy for your website or your ads. Below are some of the most important ones.


Catch and Retain Their Interest

The internet users of today have really short attention spans, so you should be able to concoct content that will inform them all the while not losing their interest in the process. They’re not on your website to read a novel-like lecture, they are asking for answers, and those answers should be easy for them to find. 

Keep your paragraphs concise. Add headers, sub-headers, and bullets to separate the topic more neatly. This way your paragraphs are easier to read and understand.

Have What They Want

As mentioned above, your visitors are on your website to look for answers. They aren’t reading through paragraphs just because it’s fun or simply because they’re trying to pass time. 

When you brainstorm on topics  you want to write, you should always put your target audience’s needs in mind. Ask yourself “What content does my audience want to see?” or “What sort of information will they most probably be looking for?” With that, your content will be more relevant to your target audience rather than just appear as dead pages on your website.

Arrange Your Content Properly

Writing web copy is all about hooking your customers from the very first sentence. From there, you have to keep them entertained until they read the whole article. You can’t put all the interesting stuff at the end part, they might not even be patient enough to reach that point. You must be able to come up with an interesting bait that will surely reel them in. 

For this, you must have a good understanding of your target audience. Ask yourself again “What should I write that would make them click my link instead of the others?” 

Keep It Simple

Yes, the purpose of your writing good copy is for you establish a reliable reputation with your target audience. However, that does not mean you should try to sound smarter than everyone. Remember that you want to gain the trust of your customers, and that would be difficult to do if they can’t even understand what you’re writing.

Make your words, sentences, and paragraphs easy to digest. This isn’t a competition. Get rid of unnecessary jargon, if possible. Write in the way that  you would speak in a normal conversation. Keep a friendly tone and always use the “you” persona. This way, the content is more engaging and reader-friendly.


Research the Right Keywords

Keywords, they are very important for your visibility. The right keywords and a lot of dedication can put your website at a high ranking. These keywords are what your potential customers search for whenever they are looking for solutions or answers. That’s why your keywords should always match your topic. Never place keywords randomly; they must appear natural so they won’t be treated as irrelevant content or worse,  spam.

Add Images

Another important factor that can help retain your visitors’ attention is images. You know how when books add images it keep matters interesting? Yes, it’s the same with copywriting. Your website is not a novel after all. Adding images won’t do any harm, in fact, they can benefit you a lot. 

Copywriting sure takes a lot of work, but it is definitely necessary for your business. If you feel like you can’t afford one at the moment, you are wrong. For both startups and successful businesses, outsourcing to developing countries, such as a copywriting service in Davao, Philippines, for example help save significant amount of budget.

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