Tips for Fireplace Repair

by Kevin Smith Author

Make Sure Safety Comes First

Repairing a fireplace can cause some health problems if you aren’t careful. Make sure to use all of the proper equipment and safety precautions, or hire a professional if necessary. Dallas fireplace repair doesn’t need to be dangerous if everything is handled correctly.

Inspect the Fireplace Regularly

A good way to avoid having to deal with too much repair is to check the fireplace fairly often. If the issue is recognized quickly it won’t have the chance to get worse, or for other problems to come up. It may even be possible to catch the problem even before it completely forms, so it can be dealt with easily.

Know the Components of the Fireplace

Something that would help when checking out the fireplace is knowing all of the parts. It would be easier to see if anything is wrong if you already know what the components should look like when they’re working as they should.

Keep an Eye out for Creosote

Creosote is used in fireplaces to treat burned word, but the creosote can build up and make the walls of the chimney too flammable. The fire in the fireplace should be controlled and the creosote could interfere with that. Check for buildup with a flashlight and scratch the walls of the chimney.

Check If There's Blockage

An issue that might not be with the fireplace itself, is the blockage at the top of the chimney. This blockage can be caused by things like leaves or other debris. If there is cause to worry about any blockage it would be a good idea to call a professional to see if there’s something going on.

Cap the Top of the Chimney

A mesh cap on the top of the chimney can help prevent further blockage. Aside from plants or trash, animals like birds or squirrels could also get up onto the top of the chimney. And since its mesh, there should be any worries about it causing blockage either.

Trim Any Nearby Tree Limbs

To prevent any more blockage, it would be a good idea to trim the limbs of nearby trees. The limbs could fall off the tree and onto the top of the chimney. The thinner limbs could still fall through gaps in the mesh and fall to the fireplace.

Check the Bricks

There are some kinds of bricks that actually don’t react well to higher temperatures. Because of this, it would be a good idea to make sure that the brick in this fireplace can stand up to the heat, in case that’s what is actually causing the problems that would call for Dallas fireplace repair.

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