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Time & attendance software is a vital part of any HR system today and ensures that the organization moves towards effective HR practices and excellence. To be able to take effective decisions in an organization, it is essential to have accurate data on employee's attendance and movement. We no more live in the times when organizations use to maintain attendance registers, time cards and punch clocks that had a manual sign-in and sign-out process for every employee each day. Such methods were laborious, time-consuming and easily tamper able. In today's technologically advanced world, HR managers have more effective, time saving and easy to handle attendance software and time tracking tools.

Apart from usual attendance maintenance, advanced time attendance software provides an extensive variety of security and access features. One can generate standard attendance reports, with just a click. Some systems even have the option wherein employees can clock in time even when they work from remote locations, or work from home and other such change in circumstances.

Primary features of an advanced Time Attendance Software are

•Collects attendance on biometric authentication and photographs

•Calculation of employee remuneration is based on the number of working days or time span taking into consideration late clock-in, overtime etc.
•Mark late clock-in or early clock-out and generate weekly reports

•Employees can apply for planned leaves beforehand through the software

•Database of personal details of the employee

•Marking leaves and entitlement details

•Shift master

•Live and fake finger detection

Benefits of an advanced Time Attendance Software

In today’s fast-changing world, workplaces have become dynamic and challenging. Work hours include not only the time actually spent in office but encompass loads of work an employee performs while moving, from remote locations, while working from home, beyond the normal conventional work hours. And these dynamic and flexible work conditions have made it exceptionally difficult to keep a track of employees work. But with an advanced Attendance Software, organizations can easily cope up with diverse employee practices. The benefits associated are

•It is cost effective as it saves valuable time and money by generating detailed attendance reports instantly.
Also, the accuracy of a biometric attendance system leaves no scope of doubt about its authenticity.

•There is no scope of manipulation or buddy punching.

•No software has to be installed on the client's computer, is very user-friendly and easy to use.

•A single software encompasses the role of attendance maintenance, leave tracking and payroll accounting software; hence organizations need not invest in 3 different softwares.

•It’s a transparent process with access given to the employees, the HR, and the management, so everyone is assured.

•Time Attendance Software can even be customized for a host of other needs based on the requirements of the organization.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is modifying existing software, to include game mechanics into it. Having game mechanics aspect added to the software motivates the employees, encourages participation, forms a basis for healthy competition and ends up adding loyalty! With the increasing stress levels at the workplace, CuckooTech came up with the gamification aspect in its software hence making the whole process engaging and entertaining.

Employees today are always under stress. With loads of deadlines, meetings, offsite schedules, trying to match up with time constraints of clients/ co-workers all over the world, meeting targets etc, sometimes it may so happen that they miss adhering to the compliance needed. But with gamification it all changes. With CuckooTech, Time & Attendance login is fun and not just compliance. Your employees would be more than glad when every correct attendance marking and adhering to other compliance rules earns them points, as accumulated points would convert to rewards! Plus it adds competitive spirit when one becomes the highest point earner and earning the Cuckoo Champions of the month. Employees also have access to peer to peer comparison/department wise comparison which adds multifold interest and competitiveness.

In today’s technologically driven world, many businesses, be it large or small, have bid adieu to their antiquated employee time tracking system and have joined hands with a time and attendance software. They not only simplify the entire employee time management process, but also save valuable time and money. So if you are looking for a top-notch time attendance software for your company then CuckooTech is surely your best bet. It is the only gamified time attendance system in India. With real-time data, multi-location accessibility, attendance on the cloud, shift-planning, contractor management, geo-location demands and compliance adherence CuckooTech is your one-stop solution to all your time attendance management needs. And if you are still in doubt, just get in touch with us, either through our website or through a phone call and give us a chance to show you our software and see it for yourself! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead book your free demo with CuckooTech now!

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