This is how erectile dysfunction can be a life-threatening disease

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major sexual disorders in men that have become very common. It is the inability of a man to achieve penis erections naturally while having sex with his partner. It is indeed a very complex disorder that can have many consequential effects. It is linked to a variety of diseases like cardiac diseases, diabetes, obesity, nerve-related problems, and cholesterol among others.

Not only this, this disorder can completely take away all the romance and pleasures of your marriage life. Your marriage life becomes a hectic one and is full of burden. Not able to have sex with your partner means that you suffer from mental anxiety and frustration as sex is one of the important needs of a man and a woman in adulthood. Your marriage life becomes a dismal affair and one that is full of quarrels and disputes with your life partner.

Apart from this,the sexual disorder can also be life-threatening. Erectile dysfunction if not cured with proper treatment can prove to be fatal in the long run. Men or women actually do not need sex to stay alive, but erectile dysfunction also known as impotence can be the factor behind other health-related problems which can be deadly if not treated in time. So you have to be aware about it and take an advice of expert doctor. You have to see kamagra 100mg review at

How can erectile dysfunction become a life-threatening disease?

Penis erections are directly linked to blood flow in the penis. So, cardiovascular diseases are the most important factor behind erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you are not able to enjoy your sexual life, and thus it creates anxiety and depression. It also makes you low in confidence. Frequent anxiety attacks can further aggravate the penis erections as erectile dysfunction is directly related to psychological factors like anxiety and stress.

Also, if you suffer from anxiety and stress your cardiovascular diseases can worsen, leading to deadly consequences. You may suffer from a heart attack even. Stress and anxiety also hamper the normal secretion of hormones on our body, and thus we may suffer from related diseases. Also, this means that our body will release low testosterone hormone which is the main male hormone. Due to less secretion of testosterone hormone, you may have a lack of sex drive.

Erectile dysfunction if not treated properly, may cause your health to degrade. As your immune system becomes weak you may become prone to diseases like various infections and cold and cough. It may lead to high blood pressure which can be fatal if you are already suffering from diabetes. The various cardiac-related problems due to erectile dysfunction are high blood pressure, irregular beating of the heart, less blood flow to various important organs like liver, kidney and the brain which could be dangerous as these organs have vital functions in our body.

How to take adequate precautions

If you are having difficulty in having penis erections or have a low-quality erection which subsides very quickly, the first thing you should do is to visit a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe various tests like urine tests, blood tests, ultrasonography, etc. On the basis of reports obtained the doctor would identify how badly you are involved in the problem and suggest ways for treatment.

You should also make yourself more aware of the disease and start leading a healthy lifestyle and quit your addictions and bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. This is important because unless you quit your addictions the treatment would be useless as smoking and drinking would reverse the effects of the treatment. Also, you have to make certain dietary changes and reduce consumption of richly prepared food items that contain a lot of oil, butter, and ghee. Include light meals that are made with low oil or consume foods that are baked, steamed or grilled. Include some fruits and leafy green vegetables in your diet.

If you do not want stress and anxiety to ruin, take control of yourself. It causes other diseases or disorders. You should do something which makes you happy like going for a vacation, water rafting, and mountain hiking rock climbing. It would give you a break from normal everyday life and bring some adventure to it.

For better results, you should also involve in doing any form of physical activity which keeps your body fit and reduces stress and anxiety. It also keeps your cardiac health in check. Do some basic exercises like running, jogging, skipping. Play any sport like cricket, football, and tennis which involves full-body participation.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

There are a variety of treatments available for erectile dysfunction these days. Before continuing with any treatment, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and discuss your budget.

The various methods of treatment are

Surgeries involve the insertion of implants in your penis, which help you to cause an erection. Such implants could either be malleable metal rods or inflatable tubes in your penis which can be inflated manually by hand.

Medicines like Kamagra and Viagra, which increases the flow of blood in your body and act as vasodilators.

Acupuncture techniques which use hand and finger rubbing techniques to cure any injury or malfunction in the pelvic region and thus cure erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic techniques

It makes use of yoga and herbal medicines to treat erectile dysfunction. It involves doing yoga exercises and having only herbal medicines.

Final words

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major sexual disorders as of now. So it is important to stay away from this disease as it affects multiple dimensions of your life. Not only do you suffer from this disorder, but it may also degrade your marriage relationship with your spouse; it may also fuel the growth of other diseases some of which can be deadly. So it is important to have proper treatment for erectile dysfunction so that all of this can be avoided. Go to your doctor immediately and discuss with your doctor for suitable treatment. You can also change your basic lifestyle and food habits which will help you to recover from this disorder faster.

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