Asthma “The whistle disease” discover if you could have this bothersome and threatening conditio


It is estimated that 4% of the global population regardless of age or ethnic backgrounds suffers from asthma, henceforth, asthma attacks. The exhaustion and desperation provoked by this condition could only be described by those who suffer them. Principally is explained as a lack of air in the lungs, mainly due to a severe inflammation in the lung’s airway which not permit a normal flow of oxygen. In the worst-case scenario, there is irritation and a lot of wheezing throughout the breathing which could drive the patient directly to an intensive care unit.

Given the wide spectrum of presentation on this condition, from mild and tolerable exacerbations to near to death experience. The importance of early identification is mandatory for the patients. This owned by the fact that asthma is a chronic condition that is getting worst through time, so, luckily, to reach that point of near-to-death experience has to pass quite a time. Therefore, there is no justification for no seeking of this condition, to prevent this horrible outcome. Fortunately for you, in this symptoms checker, there is a lot of risk factors recognized worldwide as directly related to the development of this disease. An early determination is a must for success in controlling it!

Fortunately for us, this condition has an effective treatment. Many people can accomplish overall control of their symptoms. They would be able to elude discomforting symptoms throughout the whole day, diminish night symptoms, have a productive life with nearly no limitations, conserve lung capabilities, and reduce the chances of a possible severe asthma attack.

Treatment for all asthma patients emphasizes in preventing the recurrence of symptoms, minimize acute episodes, and prevent psychological impairment by guaranteeing a healthy or near-normal lifestyle for the people. A routine review of chronic asthma should take place once a year. Typically, your physician would assess symptoms control over the last four weeks. And identify a modification in any risk factor such as allergy, that can foresee poor outcomes. The assessment of the lung by spirometry should also be done once a year after the diagnosis.

Treatment with medication includes two types of inhalers. These comprise one for the maintenance of the symptoms, and others to mitigate acute asthma attack episodes, such as corticosteroids and short-acting bronchodilators correspondingly. This inhaler treatment requires to get directly into the lungs, for what appropriate patient training is needed. In light of this, it is essential to always re-check the inhaler-technique. Not having a good inhalation technique could carry complications as oral candidiasis with inhaled corticosteroids.

Also, it is core to remember that usually, these are very allergic individuals. So environmental exposure of them to a possible allergen (pollen, animals, dust mite) should be in constant surveillance for avoiding them.

There is a variability of presentation and harm that this disease could carry in the short and long term to a patient. There is nothing better than to feel calm and safe. Please don’t hesitate to use this asthma symptoms checker. It pretends to determine the probabilities on you having this diagnosis.

Originally published at on April 7, 2020.

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