Things You SHOULD Spend Money On

by Claire J. Content Manager
Everyone’s spending list is ordered in different levels of priorities depending on specific individual needs. However, there are general considerations that we tend to forget which are important and should also be prioritised. Whether the costs are contributing to short-term or long-term activities, you should ultimately focus on enhancing your overall physical and mental health. Here are some expenses that you should invest in to improve your lifestyle.

1. Dental health
A necessity that most people often overlook is taking care of their dental health. Getting regular dental check-ups and professional cleans is necessary to detect for any dental issues such as tooth decay or gum disease. Examine and professionally treat the issues before the disease worsens. Dentists such as Putney Dental Care offer a range of services using high-quality dental equipment and technology such as digital X-rays, 3D imaging and airflow polishing. It recommended to have regular dentist visits at least every 6 months as well as regularly brush your own teeth at least twice a day.

2. Fitness
Gym memberships are a great investment as a motivator to consistently sustain a workout routine. An alternative to committing to a gym membership is by purchasing equipment that you can use regularly at home and targets multiple fitness areas. This can involve resistance bands, dumbbells or other free weight equipment for strength training. If you are targeting weight loss, invest in a skipping rope for cardio workouts. A simple yoga mat can also allow you to perform numerous exercises such as yoga, aerobics and other stretching and core workouts.

3. Food
A balanced diet not only supports your physical wellbeing but also provides you with the nutrients and vitamins to live and work productively. Purchasing higher quality produce will taste better, last longer and are generally healthier than processed foods. Investing time and money into making a nutritious salad or sandwich rather than opting for your local fast food franchise will allow you consume less highly saturated fats and artificial ingredients. Use coconut oil as an alternative to butter or high fat oils. Chilli sauce such as siracha is also known as a healthier flavour enhancer. Peanut butter is also a healthier ingredient swap to chocolate when making desserts. When purchasing snacks, look for the healthiest snack by checking the nutritional panel and listed ingredients. The less ingredients that are listed, the more natural ingredients it will contain.

4. Education
Spending money on education will allow you to be better qualified in your area of work to gain greater promotional opportunities and become a more successful candidate when applying for jobs. If you are already in the workforce, taking an online course or attending an industry conference will allow you to have a competitive advantage over your company’s competitors and gives you the edge to advance your career. You will also need to focus on paying your student loans to reduce the debt that is accumulated following your studies. 

5. Your loved ones
Giving attention and care to people that you love not only allows you to strengthen your personal relationships, but also improves your mental and emotional wellbeing. By surprising your partner with a gift or a romantic dinner, you will remember and cherish these moments well into the future. Life flies by faster than you think, where regardless of your lifestyle, spending money on your loved one remains as an important expense to consider. 

6. Investments
Being focused in the long-term can give you benefits that you can reap in the future. Start as early as possible by investing your funds into a savings account. You can also invest by purchasing property, investing in stocks or even cryptocurrencies. The more you invest now, the closer you are to saving up for assets that you need in the future such as a home, a car or even for your retirement.

7. Experiences 
Have you ever wanted to travel overseas, see your favourite band play live, or take a road trip to visit all the beaches along the coast? These experiences will only occur if you plan for them to. Accomplish your lifelong fulfilment by undertaking your experience and go about your life without regrets and prolonging ‘what-ifs’. Various stages in your life may not allow yourself to enjoy your dream experiences, due to health, financial status and family commitments. If you are on the fence on deciding to indulge in your experience with no present barriers, take the leap and do it now. 

8. Social good
By supporting someone else’s life, you are not only assisting others, but also boosting your personal fulfilment and self-esteem. Donate to issues that you are passionate about, whether that is by help funding for your local soccer team or providing clothing donations to children in the Middle East. You can also choose to purchase products that are based on ethical values such as socks from Conscious Step where each purchase contributes a donation directly to a non-profit supporting the environment, health and alleviating poverty.

No matter what your needs may be, ensure to prioritise the right expenses to sustain a healthy lifestyle and contribute to your future well-being. What aspects of your life will you invest and prioritise in?

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