What Are The Applications Of Low Ash Poultry Meal?

by Barkha Pahuja SEO/Writer
One of the most important sources of animal protein is used to feed the domestic cattle and animals with bine and meat meal, feather meal, blood meal, and fish meal. This is made by combining different by-products that we get from the slaughterhouse poultry or the processing poultry plants. Low Ash meal is one such protein source for animals and cattle. This is palatable and also a high-quality feed for animals because of its essential fatty acid and amino acid, minerals, and vitamins. Adding to that it is used in livestock and it is highly demanded by the aquaculture and pet food industries.

This is rich in fat, protein, and also essential minerals and a great source of amino acid. The composition of these products depends primarily on the processing condition and also on the raw material that is used in the process. Some of these poultry by-products are rich in protein from 75-90% and has relatively low as and fat. This is what we call low ash poultry meal. They are great for use.

The poultry meal is a great source of protein for the ruminants. Especially the heat treatment that is applied to the poultry by-products while manufacturing makes it the final meal and a great source of rumen protein for the ruminants.

Digestibility and Degradability
The crude protein which is effective in this poultry meal is degradable but it is low than the rapeseed meal or the soybean meal. The ration is between 0.7-0.8 which is quite low than the cottonseed meal. But it is higher than the bone and meat meal, blood, and feather meal. The protein digestibility is lower than the soybean meal but it is higher than that of the bone and meat meal. You can modify the protein degradability by adding different processes. It generally increases after the NaOH or Enzymatic treatment of the hen meal.

Due to the low degradability, the dietary uses of these poultry meals results in the increased duodenal flow of amino acid. Though it is important to add a source for soluble nitrogen so that there is a balance of microbial synthesis of the rumen.

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Dairy Cattle
The Poultry meal can be used as a supplement for protein in dairy cows. The daily amount that is recommended is 0.5-0.7kg along with 1kg maize per day to increase the milk yield and also to improve the composition of milk. However, the low inclusion rate is important for the palatability issue.

Poultry meal is found useful and it is quite a cheap protein substitute which is found in the Soybean meal for the growing lambs. It has improved the daily gain without even altering the conversion of feed efficiency and it also decreases the cost of feed when added to the chopped sugarcane meal. Therefore, it is beneficial for the sheep.

A commendable low ash poultry meal exporter will always provide you with the best. But before you choose one make sure to have proper research about their services and customer experience. Compare the price as the budget is the most important thing. After you have done all these choose the one that suits your requirements.

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