The unexpectedly most dangerous and safe workplaces

by James Robinson Professional Marketing Wizard


When you think of a dangerous work environment you likely think of things like the show Dirty Jobs or the Deadliest Catch where we explore shows that are known for being dangerous. While some elements of these shows are embellished to make interesting TV, there is no denying the danger of these occupations. If you are trying to find a job that pay well but is a little dangerous or one that is truly very safe, there are some things you should consider.


In terms of a high fatality rate, the job with the highest fatality is in fact a professional fisherman. Similar to what might be seen on TV shows like The Deadliest Catch and the close second is Timber Cutters. Fishers had 97 out of 1,000 workers receive a fatal injury and loggers had about 77 fatal injuries out of 1,000 workers. These are among the highest risk and likelihood of a fatal accident. As a result, the turnover is very high, and the pay compensates for the risk that is incurred. It makes sense why these jobs are dangerous because they are exerting themselves physically often and there is dangerous and heavy machinery/ objects that are moved quickly and often erratically. These jobs include a margin of error that is small with a high risk of permanent damage.


The safest job in America is one that eliminates these issues, proximity to dangerous objects, the lack of need for over exertion, chances of accident through means of something like a fall or slip, and low likelihood of encountering violence. The safest jobs in America are computer and mathematical occupations and then education, training and library type occupations each with about a .25 fatal injuries per every 1,000 workers.


If you are like most of us, you work in a job that is somewhere in the middle, you are not likely to die, but it is at least a little more likely than a librarian. In terms of job satisfaction there are some other factors to take into account like while you might not die in a job, is it enjoyable or is it healthy. For example, jobs in health care settings have the highest instances of workplace injury due to violence of any injury. Nearly 25,000 annual workplace assaults and nearly 75% of those are towards a health care worker. It is crucial to have patient and provider safety on the forefront.


The happiest job according to a variety of research is a research/teaching assistant. While they are paid very little, they report loving everything from the people they work with to the culture of the organization and the working freedom. The reported unhappiest job are roofers. The job is tiring and strenuous with lots of heaving lifting often while climbing and bending over. Work related injuries are relatively high and it usually involves being outside while in the heat or the cold




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