The Permanent Cure for Poverty

by James Robinson Professional Marketing Wizard

The Permanent Cure for Poverty


There is no shame in not having money. Many people assign being worthless and negative to not having money. There are plenty of very good people who do great things in this world who aren’t super wealthy. You don’t need money to be valuable and even if you live your whole life in poverty, that isn’t any indicator of any kind of value. If you have the ambition to live a different lifestyle then there are a few things you can do that have proven to keep you from being poor permanently.



One of the core things that always makes a difference in your earning potential is your education. I don’t mean that you have to have a master’s degree to earn a lot. If you have even a high school education that is the threshold required to stay above the poverty line. If you can achieve at least that much, your chances highly increase to stay outside of poverty relatively permanently.



One of the least expected but largely impactful parts of staying out of poverty is whether or not you have a child out of wedlock. If you have a child and you are not married, you are more likely to not be poor long-term. It doesn’t seem like this would make a huge difference but there has been shown to be a significant correlation between the two. More traditional dating and courtship practices have matched up to result in better financial security long term.




It doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of job you have but so long as you have some job that is all that it really requires. Even if you work flipping burgers, so long as you have some kind of income you will be doing well. There are two parts to working and money that cannot be ignored. These are increased income and decreased expenses. Having a better job equates to more money coming in. Consider saving up to get a good trade education to get yourself ahead. Making more money helps but if you are spending more than it doesn’t matter. You could make 1 million dollars a year but if you spend 2 million dollars a year than it doesn’t matter. If you have expenses that are too high, it doesn’t matter how much money you make. So work to make more money and work to mitigate your expenses.


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