The Things That You Need To Know About Physical Medicine And Pain Management

by Marta Jordan Writer

When a person suffers from any disability or any physical injury caused due to accidents or other traumatic events he is usually referred to a physiatrist. The treatment is not only limited to the person's physical health but also the treatment includes dealing with his emotional and social needs. The physiatrist is a doctor that helps a patient in physical medicine and pain management.

What does physical medicine and pain management mean?

A physiatrist is a doctor who has finished his medical training in the field of physical medicine and he also helps in the rehabilitation of the patient. They are experts in diagnosing illnesses, they can provide a further treatment plan and can also prescribe medications. 

• The PM&R or physical medicine and rehabilitation helps patients going through emotional stress and physical pain due to any injury caused by various events. 

• The physiatrist also treats patients who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury any type of brain damage.

• They also treat patients who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries due to accidents, falls, sports injuries, etc.

• They are also specialists in treating back and neck problems

In short, they are doctors who help you with medication as well as pain management and help you rehabilitate yourself in leading a normal life.

How can a physiatrist help a patient? 

If a person is suffering from any accidental injuries, chronic diseases or any disabilities physical medicine and pain management helps the patient in:

• Reducing pain with the help of medicines and physical therapies

• Helping the patient recover from a temporary or severe impairment

• Assist you in learning to use devices like braces, wheelchairs, and walkers so that the patient can lead a normal life

With the help of a physiatrist, the patient can cope with his pain and also live life in such a way that the patient does not need to depend on anyone for his day-to-day activities.

More about physical medicine and pain management

Physical medicine and pain management is both an area covered by a physiatrist. Usually, they are confused with other doctors like psychiatrists because they almost sound the same. But they are completely different and one treats the mental issues of a patient and the other treats the physical as well as emotional needs of a patient and also help in the rehabilitation process of the person. Many illnesses can be completely cured with physical medicine and rehabilitation or they can stop severe complications that may lead to permanent damage.

Some of the common injuries that can be treated with physical medicine and pain management:

• Automobile accident injuries

• Injuries occurred when playing sports while doing any rigorous training 

• Back and neck injuries due to any fall or other personal injuries

• Injuries caused due to physical abuse

• Arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis 

• Traumatic brain injury

• Whiplash injury

• Degenerative diseases of the disc

• Frozen shoulder 

There are many more ailments that can be treated by a physiatrist successfully. Sometimes the recovery depends on the seriousness of the injury. But most of the patients find relief from physical medicine and pain management.

The amazing field of PM&R

PM&R is truly an amazing field because they not only help people by treating their injuries but also help them with their pain management and also address their emotional and social needs. The physiatrist helps the patient by directing a rehabilitation team that includes:

• Physical and occupational therapist

• Speech-language pathologist

• Social workers

• Athletic trainers

The PM&R Doctors will work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and they work near surgeons and other specialists so that a proper course of action can be taken for the patient. They can prescribe medications to patients and also treat chronic pain and help patients manage their illness through yoga, anti-inflammatory diets, Pilates, dry needling, etc. So help your physiatrist help you by following his advice and doing the needful so that you can go back to doing your normal day-to-day activities without any difficulty.

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