Role of Physical Therapy in Pain Management

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Best pain management does not lie in taking painkiller and going to sleep. It is, on the contrary, too much harmful for the body. Pain is just a symptom. It can be treated when the root cause is diagnosed correctly and corresponding treatment is done to the perfection. The person in pain also needs following the correct diet and exercise regime to achieve the beat outcomes of any treatment.

So, instead of depending too much on medicines and making things for yourself, it is advisable to take a treatment plan that has far-reaching effects and no dangerous side-effects. One such therapy is physical therapy or functional manual therapy that improves the nerve response, enhances muscle strength and regulates mobility pattern of the joints and thus, relieves body from pain. Here is how this therapy will work.

a.    Better neuromuscular function: You may be active physically, but your brain may not be transporting the message quickly to generate proper effect in response to the physical activity you do. This gives way to poorly worked out muscles or slept muscles which start causing pain even after doing the corrective exercises. So, by improving the neuromuscular response, physical therapy helps in maximizing the benefits of therapeutic workouts.

b.    More effective therapy: Functional manual therapist does not work on your body at superficial level. He/she will go deeper down to search the cause of the pain by assessing the tissues supporting the organ and even by evaluating the brain response to any stimulus. Thus, one physical therapy does not fit all. Dedicated therapists understand and respect this difference and suggest the best suited treatment for same pain happening in two different individuals.

c.    Muscle and joint restoration: Due to any accident or surgery, a patient is forced to stay immobile for a long time. This causes a sort of disconnect between the joints, nerves and other related structures. The job of the specialist, for example, is to remobilize the joints and muscles with the help of ultrasound, massage, pressure point treatment etc and bring agility back to life.

d.    Permanent solution to the problem: While pain killers will provide immediate but short term relief, the functional manual therapy will deliver sustainable results. The person taking treatment will be given a support of exercise therapy which can be done anywhere to get immediate relief.

To conclude,

Pain occurs when the brain sends responses to a potential threat to body part in question. Putting too much of stress on any body part cause its pain. For example, when you are not using your shoulder correctly or your posture is contributing to harm to neck, then a signal in the form of neck pain is initiated. The need for severe neck pain treatment in Delhi is, therefore, felt eventually as the discomfort starts taking toll on your life. When such pain plagues your life too, visit Vardan, the best pain management clinic Delhi, an initiative of Times Group.

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