Organic Cotton Based Sanitary Pads Are Made With Cotton

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We are all subject to change, so switch to Organic Cotton Based Sanitary Pads in place of destructive napkins. We are talking about exceptionally created cotton, which is eco-friendly for women and okay for their wellbeing. 

Menstrual Health Alliance India estimates the decomposition of a single sanitary pad could take 500-800 years due to the non-biodegradable nature of the plastic used. The majority of these napkins are made up of plastics, and each pad is essentially identical to four plastic sacks. 

Due to the presence of a permeable cellulose center, cotton pads keep you dry while allowing your skin to breathe. Additionally, the softer material prevents skin irritations and sensitivities from forming resulting from standard plastic pads.

Using natural pads has several advantages


There are various plastic substances and engineered materials in sanitary napkins, which lead to irritation and discomfort. Pixie cotton sanitary pads are highly distinguishable from regular cotton napkins. Despite their incredible durability, they are also lightweight and breathable. 

Reduction of skin irritation and rashes

This item consists only of natural cotton. As a result, it allows for the necessary ventilation within the vaginal area and reduces the risk of developing rashes and discomforts. There is something very delicate and pleasant about the pads. 

It is more versatile than other alternatives

There is evidence that several illnesses, such as ovarian infection and damage to the uterus, are caused by harmful artificial materials.


There is incomparable affordability to these pads. They are affordable in terms of finances everywhere. As a result, Organic Cotton Feminine Products and natural napkins are more durable and endure for longer, allowing you to save such endless bucks. 

Environment Friendly

Since you are not throwing any more unsanitary pads into the junk, you will protect the environment from more tough biowaste. Specifically designed cotton pads are now available for women.


We create organic cotton based sanitary pads from the free endeavors and personal growth getting-together we do. With the assistance of napkins, you can assist these little undertakings with developing. 

Tips to keep a female tidy

Keep your sterile napkins changing at regular intervals. Try to change natural sanitary pads often if you use those to douse your stream during your period. 

Ensure reusable napkins receive a proper wash. 

You should keep your vaginal area clean. 

Use only one napkin at a time. 

Put on a clean, pleasing outfit. 

The obliteration of used sterile napkins

We recommend that you destroy used sanitary napkins through incineration. It is only after the waste has broken down (at temperatures typically around 800* C) that it becomes trash, which is sterile, as the high temperatures destroy practically all microorganisms. 

Dispose of the wrapped napkins next to the garbage can. 

Do not flush your pads, cover, or liner down the toilet. 

As a precaution, you should put the pad in a trash can with a sack or liner. 

There are some open bathrooms with little trash receptacles or metal receptacles in each delayed down where you can throw away napkins.

Pixie Cotton Lycra Cycling

There is no doubt that Lycra is a highly versatile manufactured texture. Spandex is also known as elastane. Lycra has many advantages, including being versatile and durable, making it a popular material used to make clothing. These materials are generally blended with cotton to create leggings, bras, Lycra shirts, clothing, and other items. 

Instructions for Care:

We recommend machine washing and hand washing, but no bleaching or ironing.

This fit type:

Slim fit.  


It is precisely the right balance of stretchability and daintiness made from 80% Cotton and 20% Spandex Lycra (stretchable). 


Sports, Yoga, Walking, Cycling, or relaxing around the house. 

Suitable for

Female, Fitting Type: Regular, Rich Color, Full Strength and Eco Friendly.  This belt is a rare find for Indian ladies, with its medium-rise and ultra-soft comfort. We Are Unable To Accept Returns Due To Hygiene Issues.


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