The Perfect Pre-wedding Diet Plan for every Bride to be!

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Everyone wants to look great during their wedding, do they not? But although those fad diets that tell you to starve yourself before your big day, might make you look great, it does not necessarily mean that you will also be left FEELING great about your new body.

Healthy eating is something that not only helps keep you healthy physically, but it is also something that keeps you happy and healthy emotionally and psychologically. Most fad diets fail to do that! Here, however, we have a pre wedding diet plan that is not only guaranteed to make you lose weight before your amazing day but will also leave you feeling happy and content!

Do have a look at our meal plan:

Pre-Breakfast Options:

  • Handful of almonds
  • 2 glasses of warm water

Almonds are exceptionally healthy and are full of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 helps in making your hair and skin healthy and glowing and gives them the perfect boost that you will need for your approaching nuptials. If however, you do not have almonds with you, you can substitute them with walnuts as well.


  • Oat Porridge
  • 1 boiled egg
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Upma/Poha

Protein will be your best friend during breakfast time going forward on pre wedding weight loss journey. Protein not only helps give your metabolism a boost, but it also helps you to feel fuller and more energetic all through the day.

This will help you to not binge on things you should not be eating. If you are not a fan of boiled potatoes, you can always substitute it with 2 egg white omelet.

Mid-Morning Meal:

  • Bowl of cut fruits
  • 1 glass of buttermilk/lassi

Fruits have always proven to be amazing at controlling your appetite and maintaining your health beautifully and that is precisely why the fruits have been included here. That along with a glass of buttermilk/lassi will help you digest your food better.


  • 1 cup brown/red rice or 2 bran rotis
  • A bowlful of dal
  • 1 bowlful of salad
  • Probiotic curd


Brown/red rice contain more fiber than white rice and helps you feel fuller for longer without adding a lot of calories to your meal. The dal and salad offer both protein and fiber and make it a complete meal.

Evening Snack:

  • Sprouts
  • Boiled/roasted Chickpeas
  • Green tea

A dash of protein in your evening snack helps your body maintain its metabolic rate brilliantly without making you feel too full. The green tea too, with its antioxidants helps add to the whole nutritional value of the meal.


  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Vegetable (any kind you want)
  • 2 rotis made of bran

Dinners are always best-kept light, so adding rice to the meal can be counter-productive. Do not include a vegetable in your meal that does not have a rich gravy with cream and butter in it.

Pre-Bed Snacking:

  • Warm cup of low fat milk

Warm milk before bed helps you digest the meals of the day better and also makes you sleep more soundly through the night! Afterall, you do need your beauty sleep, don’t you?

Try to follow this plan for a month or two prior to your wedding and you will easily be able to see the difference by the time your D Day arrives. Once you get the hang of the diet, you will know what to substitute what for, in case you start getting bored of certain things!

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