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E-Learning is based on the utilization of electronics technology and formalized teaching with the help of electronic resources to get access to educational curriculum, outside of a traditional classroom. E-Learning has been trending for its efficient way of delivering courses online along with linking to various resources in several varying formats. The resources of e-Learning are available anytime and anywhere because of its flexibility and convenience. The main purpose of e-learning is to provide people the essence of learning to a professional degree or for personal accomplishment without physically attending traditional Universities or schools.

Benefits Of E-Learning –

  • E-Learning helps in saving time and money as you can easily access your classes online anywhere and anytime and is also cost-effective.
  • E-Learning leads to better retention as modern learners prefer interactive and engaging content.
  • E-Learning provides you standardized and consistent training every time as regardless of when and where the person is, each learner goes to the same experiences.
  • E-Learning is scalable as with one-time investment you can roll it out to as many employees you need.
  • E-Learning provides personalization as each learner has unique learning goals and preferences.

E-Learning During 2020 –

Due to the global pandemic situation of Covid-19 virus, there has been lockdown over many places and social distancing is maintained for which schools and colleges and many other educational institutes have been closed down. But this may hamper the studies of students. So to avoid this e-learning is the best option which provides online classes using technology were sitting at home a student can connect with their teacher and learn the same subjects and course easily even being away. This has been the major use of e-learning during this pandemic situation for which it has been trending.

Top E-Learning Trends For 2020 –

1. Microlearning is the most talked-about training approach which is action-oriented and helps learners to meet, explore, and learn specific job needs. Due to versatility, it has been a great choice to use for just in time job aids, formal training, and learning.

2. Artificial intelligence and learning assistance has been trending and has enhanced learning in 2020. It has offered and provided huge value add to the connected, engaged, and personalized learning that is wanted by today’s learner.

3. Mobile-Learning has also been trending in 2020 which allows the learners to access materials wherever and whenever they want to and also helps the instructor to monitor the learner’s performance.

4. Video-based learning has been prevailing in recent years and has allowed the learners to engage in interactive and visually appealing content that provides attraction and interest in the educational system.

5. Gamification is the use of game mechanics to boost and improve retention rate which allows institutions and businesses to create both intangible and tangible incentives to drag successful training results which help to improve the learner’s engagement and motivation.

6. Big data is another trending e-Learning which is referring to the huge number of data that has been collected from student performances and activities and is used to analyze their learning habit and behavior.

7. Immersive Learning includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality and will help the educator to provide more adaptive teaching to the students for better preservation and retained learning material.

8. Blended learning uses a combination of different learning formats which makes e-Learning more effective and ensures the instructor to maximize their resources to help the learner grasp the material.

9. Self-directed learning is a type of e-Learning that gives all the-Learning power to the learner and helps them to acquire knowledge without the support of any instructor. This is a new way of accelerating the way of learning and has helped the learner to control over formulating, diagnosing, implementing, evaluating, and identifying material sources, strategies, and possible outcomes.

10. The debut of the voice of the learner is a form of e-Learning that has aimed to increase the quality of knowledge provided to the learners. They provide e-Learning experience to the learners and help to improve it by properly tracking the learner’s work assessments, course rating, and course completion rate.

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